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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Missing The Hot Jalapeno Bus – Two More Go Home

August 29, 2012 07:17 PM by Candace Young

Last week, two dancers who didn’t bring enough realism to their characters when role-playing got the boot on So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the judge’s panel as the remaining 8 contestants once again join the All-Stars for their routines, and also perform their solos. Who will stand out as the competition gets intense? Keep reading…

So You Think You Can Dance begins with the Top 8 performing an eye-catching and edgy group routine full of contrast. It’s a little ‘James Bond’, but everyone performs well.

Tiffany talks about beaching and boating while growing up in Florida before dancing her solo to I Was Here. It’s a pretty routine with lots of high kicks. Nice!

Witney and her All-Star partner, Twitch, get together for a hip-hop routine tonight. Barbie doll-esque ballroom dancer Witney hits it in this one! She matches Twitch move for move – totally love it! Nigel is bowled over by Witney’s hip-hop attitude. He says she brings it every time she gets on stage! Mary demonstrates some street behavior to Nigel before telling Witney she was down, in it, buck; she was everything! Jesse says it was nice to see her get down and dirty in her diaper pants!

Will says dance helped build his self-confidence. He does his contemporary solo dressed all in black. It’s purposeful and expressive.

Cole teams with Alison for a routine about a desperate woman vying for her man’s heart. It’s full of drama and sharp, staccato movement. Alison awkwardly reminds me of a swan in her costume, but it’s an impressive performance. Jesse feels it was demonic and intense – he needs a cocktail! Mary thought it was a little creepy, but loved the dancing. Nigel adds that it was quirky and dramatic and compliments Cole’s uniqueness.

Lindsay talks about hanging out with Dancing With The Stars‘ Mark Ballas and his mother before performing her flashy, flippy and sexy solo. Sassy!

Eliana and All-Star, Ryan, are tackling the Quickstep tonight. She’s playing the role of an angry wife who needs some attention! Eliana’s dressed as a flapper, Ryan looks dapper, and they put on a jaunty show with some excellent tricks. The bees knees! Mary tells Eliana she was spectacular! Jesse comments on Eliana’s transformation since her audition – it’s amazing. Nigel says it was the best top line he’s seen a non-ballroom girl do! The theme across the board is how versatile and adaptable Eliana is.

Chehon talks going to ballet school in London and then performs his ballet solo. It’s breathtakingly good.

Lindsay and Alex do a contemporary performance to Gotye’s Somebody That You Used To Know. It’s technically strong, but it’s not that interesting somehow to watch. Nigel comments that they were lacking chemistry, but it was brilliantly danced. Mary agrees it was missing that extra element, though the lead and follow was excellent. Jesse echoes those opinions.

Will and Lauren are doing a hip-hop routine tonight in which Will’s character is dancing away his pain. I really enjoy taking it in, but much of the time feel like it’s a contemporary number rather than hip-hop. Mary calls it intriguing and compliments Will’s precise movements. Jesse tells Will he’s adorable and it was nice to see him more serious. Nigel also thinks it was a really good job.

Witney, who is from a huge supportive family, does her super hot ballroom solo to Where Have You Been by Rihanna.

Cole talks about how he ended up in martial arts because he was bullied as a child, and then performs his solo which incorporates his martial arts fusion style. It’s tres bold and intense!

Cyrus and Melanie are doing a jive-type dance with a 70s feel and some impressive lifts. It’s got a lot of attitude! Jesse compliments Cyrus’ charisma and uniqueness. Nigel also comments on his personality and how it grabs everyone – he’s never been in the bottom three! Mary says it blew her mind.

Eliana‘s mom is also her mentor, she says before performing her solo,which is a gorgeous ballet number in a black tutu.

Chehon and Anya are doing a tango tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. Their intense chemistry leaves the audience hushed – I don’t think I breathed!! The judges get to their feet at the end. Fabulous! Mary calls it a ‘moment’ and tosses around words like ‘brilliant’ and ‘amazing’ – her favorite number of the night! Chehon’s on the train! Jesse invites them on his hot jalapeno bus! Nigel raves about the strength and the connection between them.

Cyrus credits his mom with supporting him after his father passed away when he was only 10. He performs his crazy pop n’ lock, robotic signature style solo. Insane!

Tiffany and her All-Star partner, Ade, perform to Power Of Love by Celine Dion. It’s a showy contemporary routine with tons of delicious lifts! Jesse raves about the lifts. Mary tells Tiffany she’s extraordinary – it was her best performance on the show! Nigel calls it a beautiful performance and says Tiffany’s a credit to the program.


Cat Deeley gets right to the results with the girls. BFFs Lindsay and Witney are the bottom two. One will be saved and one will go home.

The guys step forward. Will and Cole are the bottom two. One will leave tonight.

Crunch time. Nigel tells Witney and Lindsay that tonight they have decided to save Witney. Lindsay has come to the end of the road.

Will and Cole are on the chopping block next. The judges decide to keep Cole. Will is leaving.

Your Top 6 on So You Think You Can Dance are: Eliana, Tiffany, Cyrus, Chehon, Witney, and Cole.

Do you agree with the judges’ saves?

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  1. Glory Says:
    August 29th, 2012 at 8:22 pm


  2. Jon Says:
    September 1st, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    I think Will was doomed by the Bollywood number. They say that the quickstep is the dance of doom on this show, but I think the same can also be said of Bollywood. Has there ever been a Bollywood number that hasn’t left the performers in danger? Personally, I love the Bollywood numbers for their energy and fun, but I think it may be a dance style that many Americans find a hard time connecting with.


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