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Big Brother 14 Recap: Dan Gheesling’s Masterful Plan Stirs Fights

August 30, 2012 07:01 PM by Ryan Haidet

At the end of Sunday night’s episode, I was convinced that Dan Gheesling, the winner of season 10, would be sent packing at the end of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 14.  But Dan pulled off one of the most miraculous plays in the show’s history and formed an alliance with Frank, his biggest enemy.  Even Dan knew his move was stunning when he said to the viewers, “Getting that Veto necklace from Jenn was my finest hour in this house.  I don’t know I can ever top it.”  Suddenly, the most unlikely duo of Frank and Dan took Jenn on their side and tossed Britney on the chopping block against Danielle and set the stage for the biggest elimination of the season.  But before one of the two ladies was evicted from the house, Dan’s plan stirred up several fights between Ian and Frank who went toe to toe in a venomous verbal battle.

Angry Ian

“Let those horns come on out, Ian,” Frank said as the two argued.  “Let ‘em come out,” he continued before calling Ian a snake.  As Ian raised his voice, Frank dominated the vocal fight and ripped Ian for turning his back on their alliance with Mike Boogie.  Ian tried to talk himself out of it, but he really couldn’t.  Instead, he kept raising his voice to talk over Frank.  “If anybody in this house takes him to the end, they’re a fool!” Ian screamed.  “You sit next to him in the final two, he wins 7-0!”  Did anybody else notice that the entire time Ian nervously paced around during the argument, he was on his tip-toes?  Strange, right?

Britney’s Emotions

Britney was extremely emotional that she was clearly the intended target.  After asking for answers from Dan, she walked away upset because he was very cold toward her.  When she went to Frank and Jenn next, she promised to help them both if they keep her around another week.  She said there was no better time to prove her word before telling Frank he’s a damn good player.  Later on in the hour, we saw Britney change her attitude to anger.  She was so angry that she had shed tears at Dan’s mock funeral.  When Britney walked back in the house, she told Dan that her biggest mistake in the game was believing anything he ever said.

Another Live Eviction

It was obvious that Britney knew she was getting evicted because she was dressed beautifully for the live studio audience.  Meanwhile, Danielle was keeping it comfortable with a hoodie.  I trust that Danielle would have dressed up a bit if she thought it was her time to go.  When the votes were tallied, Britney was evicted (duh!) from the game by a vote of 4-1, with Ian the only person who voted in her favor.  Strangely, when Shane announced his vote against Britney, the live studio audience gasped like it was some crazy betrayal.  I would have gasped had he not voted against her.  Get real people.

In her exit interview with host Julie Chen, Britney blamed her demise on her allegiance to Ian.  She said that it really hindered her success by having to constantly cover things up for him.  Britney, this is why you will never win.  If you felt like your alliance with Ian was hurting your success in the game, you should have dumped him.  I don’t buy this for one second.  If you truly thought Ian was so harmful in your game, you wouldn’t have had such a shocked look on your face when you got played by Frank as he nominated you for eviction.  The only thing you’re good at in this game is dishing witty zingers at the rest of the houseguests — even better than the lame-ass Zingbot.

While I am thrilled to see Britney evicted from the game, I’m sad that Ian is now backed into a corner.  I’ve been rooting for him almost the entire summer.  He got caught playing both sides and now he has to answer for it.  I really do want Ian to win, but I think he’s not strategically strong enough to save himself.  Sorry pal, but I think you’re going to be tip-toeing out of the house next Thursday despite vowing to Britney in your final goodbye that you would get the “hairy, orange beast (Frank).”

Endurance Battle For Power

The Head of Household battle had each contestant hanging onto a rope that spun around in a constant circle.  Fans voted via Twitter once again to impact the HoH competition.  Instead of offering a reward to the first person eliminated from the competition, 51 percent of the votes decided to give that person a punishment.  That punishment, which has not yet been revealed, will be going to Joe who was the first person to drop out of the competition after just a few minutes into the battle.  Pathetic.  I’m sure he’s going to use the excuse that he dropped out of the challenge with the hopes that he would earn some sort of reward.  I’m happy it’s a punishment.  Shockingly, as the credits rolled, Jenn also fell off her rope and out of the competition.  The challenge didn’t even seem that tough.

Finally, right before the entire hour wrapped up, Julie teased viewers that next Thursday would bring the second double eviction of the summer.

One More Thing

Hilariously, I want to point out that Julie quoted some of the rave reviews that poured in after Dan’s master strategy.  It was definitely done to trump up this season as something amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, what Dan did was absolutely entertaining and made from a brilliant episode, but let’s not ignore how insanely terrible the first half of this season was.  And when the nasty criticisms were rolling out, Julie never even hinted at any of those.   It’s almost like the production only listens to fans when it’s positive.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Britney was eliminated from the competition?  Who do you think deserves to win the entire season?  Who are you hoping wins the next HoH?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Big Brother 14 Recap: Dan Gheesling’s Masterful Plan Stirs Fights”

  1. Thorin987 Says:
    August 31st, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Seriously? What company has ever quoted negative, scathing reviews about their product?

  2. Caroline Welch Says:
    August 31st, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    It just seems to me that the whole season Frank has ran the whole show. No matter what anyone tries to do to get him out of the house, he prevails! Why don’t they just hand him the keys to the kingdom and call it a season! Is this seasons players really that dumb! It took half the summer to recognize the threat in Mike Boogie. Hey, props to Mike. Play them while they let you,right? It’s not like they hadn’t seen his game play in seasons past. REALLY?!


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