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Braxton Family Values Recap: Blind Dates and Baby Snatchers

August 30, 2012 07:19 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of WeTV‘s Braxton Family Values, Tamar and Vince continue with their quest to start a family by having some eggs harvested (or “snatched,” as Tamar puts it), while Mama Evelyn sets Towanda up on a blind date that has her rethinking her relationship with Andre.

Tonight on Braxton Family Values

Trina is getting ready to shoot her first music video, which she’s funding herself. Her first order of business: finding a gaggle of gay men to dance in the background.

Or maybe she thinks that being on the set with a bunch of gay men will help convince Gabe to contribute to the video fund. Guess “oral transactions” from the Bank of Trina can only get you so far in life/

Gabe is definitely interested in helping with the video so he can spend more time with Trina, but he isn’t prepared to see her kissing some other guy.

Tamar and Vince are still dealing with their fertility issues, but it’s a family affair when they go to have her eggs harvested. Not only is Toni there, but so are their parents…even if Dad isn’t exactly one of Mama Evelyn’s favorite people.

Meanwhile, Towanda’s getting ready to go out on a date. YES, a date! She wants something dirty and sexy to wear, so what’s the best place to go? Trina’s closet.

She goes all out to look her best, only to find that her mother set her up on a blind date with…her husband, Andre!

Andre’s saying all the right things, and he even brought gifts, but Towanda is not tryin’ to hear what he has to say. She’s all about actions.

Will these two be able to work it out?

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