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America’s Next Top Model Recap: The College Of Taxidermy

August 31, 2012 07:33 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

America’s Next Top Model’s strangest season continues. We’ll get to learn more about the contestants and all the new judges. And there will surely be plenty of drama! But based on the underwhelming ANTM episode that aired last week, we’re a bit worried that this show will continue to go downhill.

There is one god thing about the college season: the big incentive (other than a modeling career) is money for college tuition. We’re sure hoping that whoever wins all that college money will actually use it and not drop out to pursue her modeling career. Because based on the number of ANTM alums that wound up as nobodies, winning this show is no guarantee for success in the modeling world.

Next, the college stereotypes continue, with a bunch of frat boys coming in for a little demonstration. New judge Rob steps out and all the girls scream their heads off. Ugh, calm down please. Rob invites everyone out to the club, where they meet choreographer Jonte. He orders the girls to strut their stuff on the runway-style stage. The winner will get a key to Tyra’s exclusive closet, which looks like a full-blown boutique. Many of the girls look awkward. Yvonne definitely has a step up on the competition due to her past participation in dance team.

Jonte gives his critiques, and each and every one begins with the word “sweetheart.” He then announces the winner of the first challenge…it’s Yvonne!  Victoria from Liberty University is not too happy because she thought she was a groundbreaker. Umm, sorry Victoria, not really. To end the club outing, P’Trique makes a little cameo with the purpose of delivering Tyra mail.

Time for one of the weirdest photo shoots that has ever been featured on the show. 90210′s Shenaeu Grimes is in charge of the shoot, and she’s turning the contestants into taxidermy projects, mounting their heads on wood panels. Yeah, we don’t like the concept either.

Following the shoot, we get a little insight into the models…especially Victoria. She is the biggest mommy’s girl ever, which all the other models find incredibly annoying. When she is allowed a little time on the phone, she immediately calls her mom and starts screaming and bawling all at the same time.  And afterwards, she can’t stop gushing about how awesome her mom is. Doesn’t she have anything else to talk about? We’re finding the whole thing a bit bizarre.

The nervous contestants all line up for judging. Remember, the fourth judge this year is the audience. We still haven’t decided if we like the idea of having viewers vote. We have a feeling they’ll vote on whoever is the least annoying, an idea that does have some merit.

And here are your scores and comments…

Yvonne is a favorite among TV viewers, but the judges only give her 6′s.

Kiara, on the other hand, didn’t do well with the audience, but the judges do like her. She got a 7 and two 8′s. Interesting, since one audience member said she was the worst of the bunch.

Jessie is the cutest one of the bunch, but judges aren’t impressed with her shot. She is told that she looks too soft and is sent off with two 4′s and a 5.

Laura looks “mystical and dreamy” and hence earns two 8′s and a 9.

Maria doth protest too much…the judges don’t really like her and she complains that her best photo wasn’t used…don’t complain if you want fans, Maria!

10′s across the board!

Darian gets one of the lowest scores on social media. She also is scored poorly by the judges, who think she ranks a 5.

Brittney is told she looks like mean girl in high school. Ouch. And then she bursts into tears. The judges’ scores vary wildly, but she does manage to snag a 9!

Kristin is a huge hit with the public. A fan in one video says she looks “perfect.” With the judges, she averages out at an 8.

Victoria looks like a pissed Lea Michele with bad hair in her picture. Tyra sees pissed-off, angry and fierce, all in one picture. She gives victoria an 8, but the other judges are less enthusiastic.

Nastasia has a weird facial expression in her picture, but she gets 7′s and 8′s from the judges.

Destiny’s photo is pretty weak. She has a pretty face but it just isn’t working in the photo. She only gets 5′s and 6′s, but has an appealingly humble attitude, promising the judges to do better next time.

After handing out photos to all of the girls, the two who are remaining are Destiny and Jessie. They have both been lambasted for providing plain photos. The deciding factor comes down to fan votes. The audience apparently didn’t care for the adorable Jessie because Destiny earned more votes. Too bad, we were looking forward to seeing her continue on.

But wait…it’s not over! Jessie might get a second chance. There will be a comeback series in which all the eliminated contestants compete. The winner will get to enter ANTM again for another shot at modeling glory!

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