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Blake Jenner Talks About His Upcoming Role On Glee And What He Learned From The Glee Project

September 01, 2012 09:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Blake Jenner is the winner of Oxygen’s reality TV show, The Glee Project. Soon, fans will be able to see him on FOX’s hit series, Glee! While his passion is acting, Jenner also plays the drums and juggles. Before joining the second season of The Glee Project, he received some rejection while living in Los Angeles. Now, he’s preparing for a guest-starring role on Glee. Keep reading to hear what Jenner has to say about his newfound success!

Did you feel like you were ready for Glee or did that evolve on The Glee Project?
From the beginning we all felt like amateurs–I definitely did and I learned a lot through singing as the competition went on so I feel like it evolved. Once I hit the middle of the second half of the competition I think then we all felt like we were getting to that point where we all felt ready for Glee.

How much of a risk did you feel you were taking by reading your poem at the end of your performance during the finale?
I think it was a risk because it was either a gift or miss. That was the last chance I had to show Ryan [Murphy] who I was and that there were different levels of me–not just through the poem but in general. It was either the poem was going to work or it was going to flop so I definitely thought it was a risk going in but it was the last chance I had and I was totally going to take it.

If it was up to you, what songs would you like to sing on Glee?
I’d love to sing “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. I’d love to dance out that song because that’s the type of dancing that I grew up with, is watching Michael Jackson and loving his music. Also, a Gavin DeGraw song. I’d love to do “Not Over You” or a song by my favorite band, The Cab.

What did you learn about yourself throughout the competition?
To always stay positive; never second guess yourself and I also learned that I definitely don’t see myself as the best singer at all. You just have to have that confidence and I think I did my best to stay confident–the most I’ve ever been–on The Glee Project.

Do you know anything yet about the character you will be playing on Glee?
I have no idea at all and I think that it’s going to be a surprise to everyone. The only thing that I know is that Ryan [Murphy] tweeted the night of the finale and said, “Oh, who will The Glee Project 2 winner be? Writing such a great role for the winner and just wait until you see who they are dating.” When I saw it, I was like whoa, who am I going to be dating?

Are you excited for Glee? Join the conversation below and tell us who you think Blake’s character should date!

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