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Big Brother 14 Recap: Ian Terry Back In Power & Out For Revenge

September 02, 2012 05:54 PM by Ryan Haidet

Big Brother 14‘s much-needed momentum continued in tonight’s episode as Ian took power when he needed it the most.  After Britney, his main ally, was evicted from the house, the reality television nerd was out for revenge.  He was determined to win Head of Household — which he did after spinning in the endurance challenge for nearly two hours.  His HoH victory was something he needed more than ever because Ian was definitely a target for several people.  And with him in power, old alliances rekindled.

Here’s how the endurance HoH challenge played out:

  • Joe fell off first after just two minutes into the competition and earned a punishment from America that forced him to hula-hoop every time a noise signaled him to do so for 24 hours.  In the Diary Room, he said that he was embarrassed for his performance in the competition and he knew his kids at home were laughing.  Everybody else in America was laughing, too.
  • Jenn was out second.  She fell after just five minutes.
  • Danielle fell after 34 minutes because she was totally dizzy from the constant spinning.
  • Dan dropped out at 42 minutes.
  • Shane jumped off at the 1:56 mark after Ian promised both himself and Danielle safety.
  • Ian reclaimed the HoH key for winning the challenge, which he made seem very easy.  While nearly everybody else struggled to hang on, he was firing off science trivia that nobody even cared to hear.

A Look Back

We saw a moment that happened five hours before last Thursday’s live eviction in which Ian was still pushing for the Quack Pack’s allegiance.  Surprisingly, he talked to Dan about keeping it alive with Shane and Danielle.  “I want to work with you in this game,” Ian said while adding that he’s not mad at Dan for turning the tides against Britney.  Dan felt like it was great news because that put him in the center of the two major alliances.  So he talked to Shane about keeping their team alive and strong.

“This season I’ve got to play much more ruthless,” Dan said in the Diary Room.  “Not because I want to, but because I have to.  If I have to stab everyone in the back to get to the end, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”  I do believe Dan deserves to win the game for his brilliant strategies this season, but stabbing everybody else in the back is very Russell Hantz-like — and we all know how well that works.  Pissing everybody off will give an easy ticket for somebody like Joe to walk away with the $500,000 prize because more people will stubbornly vote for the lesser of two evils.

Danielle’s Crush

We had to sit through more painful chatter as Danielle talked to Jenn about her crush on Shane.  When Jenn told Danielle that Shane recently referred to her as a girlfriend, she was elated.  This chick is so blind in the game by her hopeful love with Shane.  I truly believe she would sacrifice anything in the game for him, which is proof she’s not playing smart.  She’s playing life instead.  If she makes it to the end, I hope nobody votes for her.  You’re there to play a game, not find love.  Sorry.

Frank’s New Hope

Working to save himself from eviction for the 127th time this summer, Frank tried to resurrect his bond with Ian and look past all the betrayals.  Ian, who warned Frank that he should be sweating heading into the nominations, actually thought there were some strong reasons to work together again.  Mainly, Ian thought the fact that Frank can’t play in the upcoming HoH competition made sunk his threat status to the Quack Pack.

Meathead Returns

Ian was tempted with Pandora’s Box, which didn’t even seem to be much of a decision for him.  He walked inside to find a room filled with Christmas trees and presents.  He got to keep every present in the room, which included a telescope, pool toys and $1,000 cash.  Because he opened Pandora’s Box, the rest of the house was punished with the return of Jessie Godderz — the biggest meathead in the show’s history.  The muscle moron rushed inside the house wearing a Santa suit complete with a red Speedo.  He then proceeded to throw away all of their junk food and replenish their shelves with healthy options.

The Nominees Are…

Dan, although he made a final-two alliance with Frank, didn’t waste anytime throwing that deal in the trash.  He didn’t care about sticking a knife in Frank’s back because it would be Ian doing the dirty work.  Although Ian did show some concern about nominating Frank, he did it anyway.  And it was no surprise that Ian chose to also nominate Jenn.

What do you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Ian won HoH?  Who do you think will be eliminated — Frank or Jenn?  With only a few weeks left, who do you think should win the entire game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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2 Responses to “Big Brother 14 Recap: Ian Terry Back In Power & Out For Revenge”

  1. jerry Says:
    September 2nd, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Ian should be ashamed for nominating frank. Frank truly DESERVES to win this game and I hope he does.

  2. Deedra Says:
    September 5th, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I think FRank should win it. He has managed to save himself so far and he has played a good game. I was rooting for Ian, but his wanting Frank out every week gets tiring. Remember Evil Dick? He was nominated almost every week for eveiction and ended up winning it all.


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