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The Great Food Truck Race Recap: Getting The Boot In Texas

September 02, 2012 07:42 PM by Lori Wilson

The six remaining teams pulled into Amarillo, TX for week three of the The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network. Not everything is bigger in Texas though, as the Speed Bump put a cap on one team’s chances to make more money.

The Challenge
The trucks met The Great Food Truck Race host Tyler Florence at a ballpark. Each team received $500 cash for supplies in hopes of turning it into big money. But before they were released to buy their ingredients, they were informed they would be opening their doors during the Amarillo minor league baseball team’s opening night. And each truck had to pick a spokesperson to pitch their menus to the crowd during the seventh inning stretch.

Truck Stop
Tyler called the teams as they shopped to tell them in addition to their regular menu, they had to create a ballpark special judged by John Ciarrocchi, owner of a ballpark concessions company. When the teams made it back to the stadium for their seventh inning stretch pitch, they each got twenty seconds to sell their truck. Unsurprisingly, Seoul Sausage was the most charismatic, getting the crowd to chant the name of their menu item: “Fried Balls.” They went over their twenty minutes as well, prompting Nonna’s Kitchenette to grab the mic from them.

After the game, the trucks opened for business. Pizza Mike’s grew concerned when they noticed they didn’t have the lines the other trucks were drawing in. Things got worse for them when they ran out of their roast beef sandwiches, forcing them to close up shop, while the other trucks’ food continued to fly out their windows.

John Ciarrocchi tasted all the ballpark specials and was most impressed with Seoul Sausage and Coast of Atlanta. However, he gave the win to Seoul Sausage. Clearly the team to beat for the season. They were given $500 to put in their till and a key for unknown reasons.

Speed Bump
After the night at the ballpark, the teams were close in sales, expect for Pizza Mike’s. Everyone seemed happy with their new locations, until Tyler told them they were getting a boot on their wheels, grounding them in those spots for the remainder of the weekend. If their business dried up, too bad. They had to figure out a way to drum up some business. Adding insult to injury, Tyler added that the baseball team was playing to a sold crowd that night, so it was a shame they couldn’t pick up and move if need be. A light bulb went off, as Seoul Sausage realized what the key was for.

Nonna’s Kitchenette parked in front of a hardware store and drew in the crowds, but had a hard time getting food out in a timely manner. However, one patron felt the 45 minute wait was worth it after tasting their meatballs. Pop-A-Waffle, Momma Grizzly’s, Seoul Sausage and Coast of Atlanta ended up in the same parking lot, but Coast of Atlanta’s lines were smaller than the others. They took to the street to unsuccessfully flag down some business. Pizza Mike’s went to a park where there was a dog event, but the crowd was non-existent after the doggie fun was over. With the boot on their truck, they were pretty much screwed. After a successful day in the parking lot with the other teams, Seoul Sausage unlocked their boot and drove to the ballpark, where they continued to cleanup.

Everyone but Pizza Mike’s and Coast of Atlanta were confident their sales would carry them through to next week. They met with Tyler who complimented the teams on their journey from food truck virgins to food truck veterans. Unsurprisingly, first place went to Seoul Sausage for a third week in a row. Something tells us they’ll have a bull’s-eye on their back next week. Momma’s Grizzly Grub came in second place, Nonna’s Kitchenette came in third and Pop-A-Waffle landed in fourth. Pizza Mike’s and Coast of Atlanta faced off in the bottom two. After closing up early the first night and having a dismal day after the dog event, Pizza Mike’s came up short and were forced to turn in their keys.

And then there were five. The teams are off to college town Fayetteville, Arkansas next week. Will Seoul Sausage crush the competition there too?

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Photos courtesy of The Food Network.

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