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Bachelor Pad Recap: Karaoke Queen Throws BFF Under the Bus

September 03, 2012 07:08 PM by Candace Young

Last week’s disastrous spelling bee challenge led to Chris Bukowski once again dodging certain elimination by winning a rose. Lovebirds Lindzi and Kalon ultimately were shown the door, and left in one limo together, feeling like winners despite leaving the mansion and the $250,000 prize money behind. Night Ranger guest stars on tonight’s Bachelor Pad.  Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s two challenges and the rose ceremony details…

The remaining Bachelor Pad contestants toast to being the, ahem, privileged people who got to be on the show (as per Bukowski).  The next morning, Rachel is still pouting over Stagliano’s untimely exit the week before last. Chris Harrison addresses the final four couples, telling them there is a competition that will leave the winner with a lot of power. He tells them to go pack – one couple will leave this morning following the challenge.

The couples head outside and gawp at a trapeze apparatus set up over the pool. One member of each couple will get on a trapeze seat and will end up in the pool if their partner gives wrong answers to trivia questions. The winners don’t get a rose, but can eliminate another couple. Heavy.

The competition gets underway with Harrison asking questions about the Bachelor Pad contestants such as “Who was the first girl to wear a bikini?” The answer: Donna.  After Blakeley gets a few wrong answers, Tony finds himself in jeopardy – no longer seated, he’s the first one hanging for his life. They’re eliminated first when Tony lets go and drops into the water.  Nick causes Rachel to be the next one hanging….and then they’re eliminated.  Next, Ed becomes a hanger-on while Chris continues to remain seated. When Ed drops, Chris and Sarah become the victorious couple. They just can’t get rid of this guy! Popular opinion is that Chris will want to get rid of Blakeley, meaning she and Tony could be history.

Chris and Sarah spend time kissing and gloating obnoxiously before discussing which couple to boot out. They return to the pool area. Blakeley’s so certain she’s leaving, she’s in tears. Nick and Tony each remind Chris of their past loyalty. Chris then makes the most of his lofty position by telling them all he deserves to be there and calling out those who have dissed him. He finally announces that Tony and Blakeley are toast. Blakeley sobs as she says her goodbyes and has most everyone else in tears as well. She and Tony do a Lindzi/Kalon and leave in the same limo.

In the limo, Tony reassures Blakeley and tells her how grateful he is to have met her – he wants to see where things go. Aww! So sweet, even though they seem like an odd pairing.

Chris Harrison joins the remaining six contestants to tell them about their next competition – the winners will automatically secure themselves a spot in the final. He says he’ll meet them ‘there’, and they get into limos and go to the Hollywood Palladium. Inside, Night Ranger performs Sister Christian for them. Cool! Ed is super-stoked!

After, they learn they will participate in a karaoke contest. They have 24 hours to re-create a Night Ranger performance. This news leaves most of the contestants nervous and feeling like they’re in trouble – even cocky Chris! Each of the couples meet with people who will help them – such as vocal coaches. They may be beyond help, however. All of them. Even Ed, who considers himself a ‘karaoke expert’, gets a reality check in practice.

When it’s time to go on, Night Ranger members make up the judging panel, and there is a full audience. Nick and Rachel are first. Rachel looks fantastic in her rocker chick ensemble, but her voice is tentative. Nick goes ‘balls to the wall’ in a super-weird black hair metal wig and though he’s not a good singer, he owns his performance.  They earn a standing ‘o’ from Night Ranger!

Ed and Jaclyn are up next. Jaclyn misses the first line and asks to start again. Ed jumps in and also muffs the lyrics. When it becomes apparent they aren’t getting a do-over, they resort to grinding and dry humping on stage. Nick chuckles that the song is about a brother and sister. Night Ranger laughs, perhaps to avoid crying. It’s a disaster.

Chris and Sarah go last. Chris begins singing self-consciously in a too-high voice – it’s not a good start. Sarah jumps up and down spastically in her turquoise high-waisted spandex. They are both off-key and it’s awful, but Rachel throws herself into her chicken dance and gets the crowd laughing. The Night Ranger guys look alternately amused and disturbed. Chris ends up doffing his shirt for the, er, finale.

The final assessment by Night Ranger: Rachel and Nick were really good, Ed and Jaclyn were the worst, and Chris and Sarah were most entertaining. Ultimately, Nick and Rachel win – as it should be! Rachel and Nick have cemented a spot in the finale, and Harrison announces that they will now choose the couple that will go with them. Dun, dun, dun…

Rachel wants to chat with everyone before they make their decision. Nick points out that everyone who has left will return to vote on the most deserving couple to win – so it’s imperative that they choose the right couple to take with them. Rachel wants to bring Ed and Jaclyn, but Nick feels it is better strategically to bring Chris and Sarah to the final. He works to convince Rachel that Ed and Jaclyn are too popular – they could win more votes in the final, so it’s a no-brainer to take Chris and Sarah, who have caused drama and made enemies. Nick reassures her that her friendships will be there after. Rachel agonizes.

Rose Ceremony

Nick and Rachel tells Chris Harrison they’ve made their decision. Nick makes the expected speech about how difficult the decision was for them, before announcing that they are taking Chris and Sarah to the final. Ed keeps a smile pasted on, but Jaclyn sobs. Chris and Sarah take their roses. Ed and Jaclyn say a brief, terse goodbye to Nick and Rachel before departing in separate limos. Rachel cries. Jaclyn spews profanities about Rachel in the limo – she feels her best friend threw her under the bus.

Next week…there is some drama with Rachel wanting to confront someone and then calling Stagliano a schmuck. That’s followed by a shocking development that leaves even Chris Harrison stunned!

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One Response to “Bachelor Pad Recap: Karaoke Queen Throws BFF Under the Bus”

  1. Marigold Kellogg Says:
    September 3rd, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    I’m a big fan of GLEE and I thought it was super crappy of Nick and Rachel to not thank their coach ( awesome Brad Ellis) when they won the challenge. I’m sure they probably would have sucked just as badly as the other two couples if they hadn’t had Brad from GLEE working with them. Now, they’re in the finals and who do they NOT thank?? And if the producers wouldn’t let them thank him, they have no class either. This show is so much about being self serving and narcissistic that it’s probably out of character to thank anyone for anything. I don’t care who wins now. I wouldn’t want any of these people as friends. I’m going to wait for season 3 of GLEE. Rock On, Brad- your real fans love you!!!


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