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Hotel Hell Recap: River Rock Inn

September 03, 2012 10:07 PM by Melissa Stavarski

This week on Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay checks into the River Rock Inn in Milford, PA. The desolate inn offers dead bugs, dated decor, and employees who threaten to quit on a daily basis. Will the owner of the River Rock Inn accept Ramsay’s help quicker than the owner of last week’s Keating Hotel?

The River Rock Inn is owned and micromanaged by Ken Pisciotta. Ken once had a dream to own a hotel. Now, it’s his living nightmare. It turns out, the rooms don’t book themselves, and Ken has no idea how to book them. Ken shares that he’s losing at least $7,000 a month. A member of the staff refers to the hotel as a “hot flipping mess.” The staff says Ken needs to make every decision. Simply put, Ken does not trust his staff to do the the jobs he pays them to do.

When Gordon Ramsay arrives at the inn, he’s shocked to learn there’s no reception desk and no one to welcome him. Ramsay finally finds the assistant innkeeper Karen, who shows him to his room. The decor is dated (actually, that’s an understatement), and there are dead bugs all over the room. Ramsay describes the room as an insect funeral home. The room is so very dirty… it’s quite disgusting.

When Ramsay meets Ken, Ramsay asks him to rate the inn’s rooms on a scale of one to ten. Ken says a four or five. Then, Ramsay asks Ken to rate the inn’s food. Ken says a seven or eight. The sign outside boasts American Bistro and Ken promises homemade food. Foolishly, Ramsay hopes the food is the inn’s saving grace.

Not so much. First, the menu offers anything but American Bistro or the “home cooked” meals one would expect from a country inn. Next, Ramsay learns that very little, if any, of the food is actually homemade. The cherry on top… James, the inn’s nervously perspiring head waiter, drips sweat all over a seated Ramsay. Yummy.

The food is equally repulsive.

Ramsay forces Ken to listen to the guests’ complaints, including clogged showers, shower head too low, bugs galore, and uncomfortable beds. Next, Ramsay breaks out the black light. The amount of bodily fluids on the bed is nasty. The staffs’ reactions… disgusting, foul, and nauseating. Ramsay says, “looks like a (beeping) galaxy.”

Ramsay tells Ken, “It’s not as if you’re the captain of the Titanic, you’re the (beeping) ice burg!”

Ken’s turning point comes when Ramsay secretly videotapes a staff meeting. Karen says Ken causes them all to get discouraged, which makes them not do their jobs well. Annmarie, the hotel’s bar manager and a close personal friend to Ken, calls Ken a spirit sucker. She says, “He has sucked the soul out of each of us.” Ramsay reveals to the staff that Ken is watching their meeting from another room. Ken admits their words hurt him, and he apologizes to his employees. Ramsay tells Ken he needs to give each of them control over their own areas, take a deep breath, and make the time to meet a lady.

To help Ken in that area, Ramsay brings in a Hollywood stylist, to give Ken a makeover. When it’s all said and done, Ramsay tells Ken he looks “spiffy.” Ken says, “If I fail now, I’m really a loser.”

Ramsay’s makeover doesn’t stop with Ken, of course. First and foremost, the inn is now clean… no more dust and dead bugs. The sign outside, decor, linens, wifi router, and reception area are all updated. Going forward, Ken plans to empower his staff to make their own decisions, supporting them instead of micromanaging them. Gordon Ramsay walks away from the River Rock Inn hopeful.

What did you think of this episode of Hotel Hell?

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