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Flipping Out Recap: Painfully Amazing Or Amazingly Painful?

September 04, 2012 08:01 PM by Lisa Princ

Jeff Lewis and the gang returned tonight for the new season of Bravo‘s Flipping Out and if you think the drama ended last season, you’re wrong! The season premiere kicked off full of drama, laughs, and, well, Jeff being Jeff!

Flipping Out returned tonight for the new season, and it was nothing short of drama filled. Remember the gorgeous house on Gramercy that Jeff and Gage were planning to renovate into their dream home? Yeah, well that home was starting to look like more of a nightmare as the budget began to increase as Jeff’s demands for the home increased. The problem with that? Jeff’s insanity over perfecting the Gramercy house was starting to take its toll on his relationship with Gage.

So, who better to lend some advice than Jenni? After all, Jenni definitely has had her experience with relationships, but this time, Jenni is certain she has found the one, and guess what? He popped the question! And knowing that it would do nothing but annoy Jeff, we spent half the episode watching Jenni talk about marriage and her engagement – can you say Karma? It was sweet to watch Jenni and her fiance celebrate their engagement at a party, surrounded by all those near and dear to her. Can’t wait to see how Jeff takes over Jenni plans the wedding!

Speaking of friends, we also met some new faces tonight on Flipping Out. Vanina, a new member of the team, was immediately given a taste of Jeff’s sick sense of humor as he accused her of clogging his toilet – with tampons. Rest assured though, Zoila was having no part of it, and assured Vanina that it was likely Jeff responsible for clogging the toilet. Does anyone else get a huge kick out of their relationship?

We also met Andrew, another new hire. Apparently, Andrew has a trust fund that says he must work until a certain age before he can obtain it. Hmm, always a good qualification for hiring someone, no? Anyway, who would have thought that Andrew could be the next Jeff Lewis? Andrew did apparently, although his eccentric personality was not the obsessive type, but more of the crazy meets drama queen type. Nope, not kidding. Andrew, deemed by Jeff as having “his taste” appeared normal at first, but looked insanely nervous throughout the entire episode – something tells me that he is hiding something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Back to the “painfully amazing” Gramercy house, as Jeff put it. It seemed to be causing nothing but problems between Gage and Jeff, and ultimately, Jeff began to blow up on Gage over silly things that he felt Gage overlooked. Poor Gage was working long hours to get the dang house done, and it seemed like nothing he did was good enough for Jeff. Suddenly, the house began to feel more like amazingly painful – would it wreck their relationship? The premiere ended with Jeff offering a solution to save the couple of anymore fighting – a different house! Gage, however, did not appear to be amused at all by the idea. Oh, poor naive Gage, we feel for you.

We’ll have to tune in next week to see how that one goes over with Gage! What did you think of the premiere of Flipping Out? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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