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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: The Finalists Are Revealed

September 04, 2012 10:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Barbie was eliminated and we were left wondering who – between Dana, Christina, and Justin – the two finalists will be. In part one of the season finale, Gordon Ramsay finally reveals which two chefs will be competing for an elite head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Gordon Ramsay decides to advance Christina and Justin. Dana (and her loud mouth) goes home.

The finalists immediately get to work preparing a menu of four appetizers, four entrees, and three desserts. Christina and Justin stay up late, wake up early, and, now, they’re eager to start their prep. Not so fast… Ramsay surprises the chefs with a trip to Las Vegas. Ramsay tells them they’ve earned it… enjoy. They’re pampered in private pool-side cabanas. Justin meets with Chef Scott and Christina meets with Chef Andi. The sous chefs offer advice on when to play it safe and when to take risks.

Next, Justin and Christina enjoy dinner and a show with their loved ones. That show starts out as Penn & Teller, but Ramsay calls Justin and Christina to the stage… right that second… they wish Penn & Teller would make them disappear. Ramsay surprises the finalists with one last challenge. They have one hour to create five traditional steak house menu items – salad, seafood appetizer, fish, rib eye, and filet.

As always, Christina keeps it simple. She says, “Sometimes, you stick to the dishes that are close to your heart and that’s all you need.” On the flip side, Justin likes to take risks. He says, “I don’t do simple dishes.”

Their dishes are going to be judged by five world renowned chefs.

Salad – Chef Francois Payard

Justin is star struck by Chef Payard. Justin wins.

Seafood Appetizer – Chef Michel Richard

Chef Richard is Christina’s idol. Christina describes her dish, which includes cilantro, and Chef Richard interrupts to tell her he hates cilantro. Despite the cilantro, Chef Richard compliments Christina. Still, Justin’s appetizer wins the round.

Justin knows he only needs one more point to win the  challenge. So, of course, we can all expect Christina to take the next two points and have the challenge depend on the last dish. Nevertheless, next up…

Fish – Chef  Julian Serrano

Justin’s fish is overcooked, so Christina gets a point.

Rib Eye – Chef Stuart Gillies

Christina’s dish is one you’d expect from a steakhouse. Justin’s is fancier. In this case, simple is better.

Filet – Chef Wolfgang Puck

To Justin, he says, “Good job. I like it.” To Christina, “Not bad. MMM.”

Chef Puck thinks Justin wins presentation and Christina wins taste. In the end, taste trumps presentation.

Christina wins the challenge.

Dana, Clemenza, Brian, Royce, Patrick, Kimmie, Robyn, and Barbie return to assist the finalists with the final dinner service.

Justin and Christina now need to build their teams. Christina gets first pick since she won the challenge.

Christina says she’s going “balls to the wall” with scallops, so she needs Dana on her team. Justin chooses Barbie, because she rocks the meat. Christina recruits Patrick for his leadership skills. Clemenza cannot believe he hasn’t been picked yet. Justin calls on his buddy Brian. Christina picks Kimmie. Justin passes over Clemenza for Rolls Royce.

Christina gets last pick. She needs to pick between Clemenza and Robyn, and Justin will get the last person by default. Christina is torn. Robyn causes too much drama but Clemenza is too slow. Justin positively does not want to be stuck with Robyn. Christina decides the lesser of two evils is Robyn. Clemenza says about being last, “Really? For real? F*** you!” Clemenza joins Justin’s team.

Back at the dorms, Christina and Justin go over their menus with their teams.

Christina’s team thinks she is crazy for tackling scallops and risotto. Kimmie is worried about the meat. Dana whines, “This menu is going to be a lot of work.”

While Justin lays out his menu, Clemenza digs the wax out of his ear with his pen… in between yawns. Justin loses his patience with Clemenza and tells him to “get his f***ing head where it needs to be.” Clemenza is on his high horse, yelling that he doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. Justin kindly tells him if he’s not feeling this right now, he can leave. Clemenza walks out.

Will Justin’s team tackle dinner service minus one chef? Will Dana’s cocky attitude bring down Christina?

May the best donkey win! Sound off in the comments below – who are you rooting for?

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