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Hotel Hell Recap: Roosevelt Inn

September 04, 2012 01:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

To wrap up season one of Fox‘s Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay checks into the Roosevelt Inn, a converted 16-bedroom schoolhouse, in Coeur D’Alene, ID. Will Ramsay’s efforts be as appreciated as they were at the River Rock Inn?

Many years ago, John Hough decided to buy the Roosevelt Inn for $700,000 without his wife’s consent. Now, John acts as if life is one big party, Tina, John’s wife, runs herself ragged to keep the hotel running, and the couple is $1.1 million in debt. Even with financial ruin and divorce court on the horizon, John’s only concern is hosting a monthly murder mystery dinner at the inn.

Gordon Ramsay describes the outside of the inn as grim. Once inside, Ramsay is overwhelmed by John’s killer sense of humor, the funeral parlor decor, and the dog smell. John shows Ramsay to his room, a two-floor suite that costs $319 a night. There’s nothing absolutely horrible about the room but there’s nothing great about it either. Ramsay finds the room’s color scheme of “strawberry milkshake vomit” particularly unnerving.

As he tours the inn, Ramsay offers his commentary and advice. John finds it all to be hilarious thus far. Ramsay finally asks John, “Why do you think everything is a big fat joke?” John answers, “Because you’re very critical.” Ramsay reminds John that he’s there to help and if John cannot accept his advice, no matter how blunt, Gordon says he might as well leave. John goes from jokester to weirdo in 60 seconds flat. Now, all of a sudden, John talks violence and threatens to punch out Ramsay.

Tina is under a tremendous amount of stress. Besides the massive debt, John and Tina have nothing else left to their name. They’ve exhausted all of their resources (house, loans, 401K) to keep the hotel running. Tina feels stuck. John simply says, “The bank owns us.” Tina says, “This is my hell. Everything has fallen apart here for me.” Meanwhile, John refers to the inn as a form of entertainment. Ramsay is dumbfounded.Ramsay points out – $1.1 million is expensive entertainment. John still laughs.

It’s John’s favorite night of the month – murder mystery night! John, of course, plays the part of Sherlock Holmes. John is so incredibly vain, he believes his rehearsed English accent is better than Gordon Ramsay’s natural English accent. John tells Ramsay the murder mystery is a financial success for the inn, bringing in a whopping $200. Ramsay points out that the rent from one room for one night would bring in more a month than the murder mystery, which takes a lot of time and effort to plan.

Ramsay asks John, “Do you have any care in the world?” John says, “When you get a psychology degree, you come and tell me what’s wrong with me.” Ramsay goes on to tell John he’s in denial, his problems are due to his own stupidity, and he needs to man up. John is offended and walks out of the room. As he leaves, he tells Ramsay, “Talk to the hand.”

Ramsay’s experience in the dining room isn’t much better. John whines in the kitchen because he has to cook for Ramsay. John says he wishes Ramsay would take a long walk off a short pier. After many plates of horrible food, Ramsay asks for a simple soft boiled egg. When the egg is served to Ramsay, the inside is still raw. Ramsay jokes, “It still has feathers on it!”

Ramsay faces John in the kitchen. They exchange words… nothing is resolved.

Guests of the Roosevelt Inn list their complaints for John and Tina, including outdated rooms, decor that’s too busy, disappointing food, and poor value for their money. Not one guest says he or she would return. Next, Ramsay brings out the black light of gross for everyone to see the bodily fluids left behind on a bed. Ramsay starts with a pillow. John is disgusted. He says, “It looks like someone urinated on the pillow.” When Ramsay pulls back the covers on the bed, the whole room gasps and groans.

Tina breaks down. Ramsay urges her to find her voice and stand up to John.

Ramsay believes the key to the Roosevelt Inn’s success is their multi-purpose room. The current state of the room – dark, dated colors, and full of dogs – turns away potential parties. Ramsay gets to work. He contacts a wedding planner, promises an updated multi-purpose room, and solicits her help (again) to bring business to the inn.

The next day, Ramsay reveals a neutral but beautifully decorated room. Then he surprises John and Tina – they are going to host a wedding that same night! Obviously, most of the work is planned out already, but John and Tina work together to make the event a success. Will they keep this momentum going?

What did you think about the season finale of Hotel Hell? Will you tune in to season two?

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