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MTV Reveals Reasoning Behind Jersey Shore Cancellation

September 04, 2012 03:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Fresh off the announcement of Jersey Shore’s cancellation, adoring fans are wondering why MTV is taking away such quality television. It looks like the head honchos at MTV are finally offering up some answers. And their reasoning behind canceling Jersey Shore might not match up to your expectations!

The stars of Jersey Shore get to enjoy one more crazy season before their time on MTV’s most pathetic successful show is over. While we suspect that the show’s cancellation had something to do with its plummeting ratings, that little tidbit is not included in MTV’s official explanation.

MTV’s executive vice president of programming Chris Linn told Entertainment Weekly that the network’s decision was mostly based on the recent life changes experienced by the Jersey Shore cast. “We’ve always said we’d do the show for as long as it made sense. We noticed what was going on in their lives, with Snooki having her baby, the relationships, etc. it felt like the right time to bring it to a close and end on a high note.”

Wait, what about the obscene amounts MTV was paying the Jersey Shore cast? Didn’t that play a role in the show’s cancellation? Not according to Chris Linn, who claims that rising salaries weren’t a “significant consideration.” Why? “The show still dominates, it’s the No. 1 show in our core demo, it’s still incredibly successful…As tempting as it is to squeeze something to the end, we made what we think is the right, tough choice to end the show on top.”

Oh, and for those of you hoping for a Jersey Shore reboot, think again. When asked if the show might see a revival with a new cast, Linn replied, “There are no plans for that at this time. We’ve always been clear that this cast is lightning in a bottle. I don’t think this is about format, for us it’s always been about this cast.”

Enjoy Jersey Shore while it lasts, because when this season ends, you’ll be back on the hunt for a new guilty pleasure.

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