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Face Off 3 Recap: Dragon Dance

September 05, 2012 06:32 AM by Ryan Haidet

Face Off, one of the best reality shows currently on television, continued tonight with yet another fun-filled hour of masterful makeup talent.  For the third spotlight challenge of the season, the 10 remaining contestants were paired up in teams to create a completely original take on the traditional Chinese New Year dragon.  The twist?  Each creation had to perform a choreographed high-action dance in front of the judges on the reveal stage.  Each contestant also had to implement traits into their creations from their personal sign of the zodiac.  In the end, the final products weren’t my favorite makeups I’ve ever seen on the show, but the majority were impressive nonetheless.

Here’s how the teams were divided:

  • Nicole and Rod (rat and snake)
  • Eric and Sarah (monkey and boar)
  • Alana and Laura (goat and rat)
  • Derek and Tommy (monkey and ox)
  • Jason and Roy (rabbit and snake)

Perfect Partners & A Cut Finger

Unlike the situation with Joe and Tommy in the first episode, almost every team meshed completely.  Nicole and Rod had conceptual disagreements about their character’s face, but they were able to work through the trouble.  Whew.  I’m glad they started getting along because I really like both a lot and want to see them succeed.

Meanwhile, as the first day of the challenge continued, Alana, who has proven she’s accident-prone, sliced open her finger.  Although she didn’t want to be taken away from her work, the medic took her to the hospital where she got seven stitches.  Despite her injury, she was able to return with plenty of time to work on the project.

Makeup Struggles

As is usual, the teams were worried about running out of time as a few struggled with their molds.  Roy was concerned about the paint job Jason was doing on the facial appliance, but didn’t stop him from doing it.  A large piece of Laura and Alana’s prosthetic ripped as they put it on their model.  Eric was worried their paint job was too bright of an orange.

Final Makeups

Before the judges took a close look at each finished product, the creations danced around the reveal stage to see how well the makeups held together.  When the high-action dance routine settled to a stop, it appeared the makeups were all still intact.

Personally, most of them were strong in my eyes, but here’s how everything hashed out with the judges:

Derek/Tommy (monkey and ox) When this one first walked on the stage I was extremely impressed.  It truly captured the essence of their zodiac signs and the task itself.  I was impressed.  “I think it’s one of the strongest collaborations I’ve seen on the show,” judge Glenn Hetrick said.  “You worked really well as a team. …  I’m pretty thrilled with this thing.”  In the end, the judges determined this was the best makeup.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  This work was totally deserving of the title for the challenge.  Ultimately, the judges determined that Derek was the top artist overall.

The following teams were in the middle of the pack:

Alana/Laura (goat and rat) “I really love the vibe of this one,” judge Neville Page said.  “I’m really happy with this one,” Glenn added.  But this one was my least favorite.

Rod/Nicole (snake and rat) Glenn really thought the flags attached to the top of the head was a smart way to enhance its appearance when in motion.

Jason/Roy (rabbit and snake) Judge Ve Neill thought the black spots painted on the face were way too distracting.  “Not having the chest out was a huge mistake,” Glenn said.  “When you do that much work, you gotta show it.”

The bottom team:

Eric/Sarah (monkey and boar) “I see what you guys are going for, (but) I have a lot of problems with it,” Glenn said before explaining his dislike of the paint job.  Ve said she wouldn’t have included the horns because they just weren’t good enough.  When it came time for the elimination, the judges sent Eric packing.  “We felt that it was your concept, sculpture and paint job that led to the failure of this makeup,” Glenn said.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Did you agree with the judges?  Which makeup do you think is the coolest?  Who is your favorite contestant thus far?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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