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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Hairography Hurts? Top Four Set For Performance Finale

September 05, 2012 07:11 PM by Candace Young

Last week, Lindsay and Will came to the end of the road when they missed the hot jalapeno bus on So You Think You Can Dance. Their departure left just six remaining contestants, and only four of them will make it into next week’s performance finale on Tuesday September 11. Keep reading to find out which of these amazing dancers will be eliminated based solely on America’s votes…

The Top 6 kick off So You Think You Can Dance with a contemporary number that has them in dark costumes with masks and divided into guy/girl pairings. The routine unexpectedly picks up the tempo partway through, which makes it much more interesting. Darkish and delicious!

After, Cat Deeley announces that it’s all about America’s votes from here on out – the panel can no longer save anyone, but can still give their experienced opinions. She introduces Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and guest judge, Christina Applegate. Nigel points out that four of the remaining six dancers were saved by the panel at one point during the season. Crazy!

Tiffany is doing a dance with all-star, Benji, tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. What I Like About You is the tune for their high-energy swing dance routine that is fast and full of fancy footwork, lifts, gyrations, and even the cartwheel! Tiffany is perky perfection – it’s fantastic! Nigel says it was tremendous, Mary says they were kicking their patooties off, and Christina comments that their flicks were fabulous!

Whitney does a solo to a Brian Setzer instrumental tune. She’s dressed in a matador inspired gown and it’s a sexy, commanding performance.

Cole is paired with all-star Melanie, and will get away from the dark side this week. They perform an acrobatic and athletic routine to Too Close. Mary calls it gorgeous and different, Christina comments on Cole’s foot, but says he was amazing to watch, and Nigel says Cole is unique.

Chehon does his solo to Way Back Home. It’s masterful, powerful, and um, totally sexy!!

Eliana is performing a hip-hop number with all-star Twitch tonight. She pops out from behind a mailbox to Please Mr. Postman and it ends up being very fun and flirty despite a couple of awkward moments. Christian tells Eliana she could watch her do any kind of dance for hours – she’s so good! Nigel says the routine felt like a cheap burger – very little meat – but it was fun. Mary also says it was entertaining and agrees that Eliana is a chameleon.

Tiffany performs her solo to Just The Way You Are.  It’s pretty and expressive.

Chehon joins all-star Catherine to do a lyrical number about moving forward after loss. It’s emotional and heartrending. Nigel talks about capturing emotion in dance and says he’s stunned. Mary says Tyce, the choreographer, outdid himself and she can see Chehon is still touched by it. She and Nigel both talk about the stretching, leaps, and the dive to the suitcase. Christina says it was profound and tells Chehon though he’s a master technically, he’s grown in expressing emotion. She nearly cries.

Cole does his dramatic martial arts infused solo to Night of the Wolf.  Mesmerizing.

Witney joins all-star Marco for a jazz/lyrical routine that depicts a couple on their wedding day. Witney has second thoughts at the altar. Marco’s manly mojo perfectly compliments Witney’s sultry feminine vibe. Love it! Mary raves about the passion and says Witney is a star in this piece. Christina thought it was beautiful – really lovely – but worries the ‘hairography’ overshadows Witney’s face and distracts sometimes. Nigel says Witney is a star!

Eliana performs her contemporary solo to I Will Follow You Into The Dark. It’s simple and wonderful.

Cyrus is doing hip-hop with all-star Comfort this week on So You Think You Can Dance. He’s excited about the choreography and the dub step.  “It’s hard!” Cinema is the tune and the routine allows Cyrus to show off the very best he has to offer. The dub step parts are riveting! The judges are on their feet! Christina tells Cyrus obviously they like it a lot! It was carved out for him. Nigel says the style is remarkable and reiterates that America loves Cyrus! Mary agrees there is something very special about him and he was in his ‘Comfort zone’!

Witney and Chehon are paired up for a Cha Cha Cha next. Chehon struggles in practice. They perform to Where Have You Been, and it’s smokin’ hot although Witney overshadows Chehon. Mary points out that Chehon was uncomfortable but tells Witney her hips meant business out there! Christina claims not to have noticed anything after the sexy dip in the beginning. Nigel agrees with Mary – he did want to see more.

Cyrus performs his signature solo with the robotic, shaky, pop ‘n’ lock moves!

Cole and Eliana are doing a Mia Michaels routine together tonight – inspired by rams, er, ramming each other. Contrastingly, the musical accompaniment is Adagio For Strings. The moves are very aggressive and dramatic – they very effectively convey the dark emotions of it. Nigel jokes that it’s based upon his relationship with Mia, and then compliments both dancers, saying it was brilliant. Mary calls it mesmerizing. Christina tells Eliana there is light coming out of her feet – she’s so happy for both of them.

Tiffany and Cyrus will be depicting teenagers in the 50′s for their routine. They get down ‘n’ dirty when the parents leave them alone! It’s cute, sultry, and funny! Christina calls is sassy and asks Cyrus if she can throw pens through his earholes. Nigel tells Tiffany she really is the girl next door and Cyrus that he’s inspirational. Mary agrees and says it was the cutest number ever!


Cat addresses the girls first. Tiffany is told she’s in next week’s finale. Either Witney or Eliana is going home… It’s Witney leaving – Eliana will be in the final.

Now it’s the guys’ turn. Cat tells Chehon he is through to next week’s performance finale. There’s only one slot left. Cyrus gets it – wow! Cole is headed home.

Your Top 4 on So You Think You Can Dance: Tiffany, Eliana, Chehon, and Cyrus. What do you think? Are these the finalists you would have chosen?

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4 Responses to “So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Hairography Hurts? Top Four Set For Performance Finale”

  1. pat g Says:
    September 7th, 2012 at 7:04 am

    it got so sicking hearing them talk about cyrus and whitney all the time you knew who they were pushing for the best male dancers did not make it

  2. H wilson Says:
    September 7th, 2012 at 9:22 am

    agree with above, Cyrus has been given free pass all season with his dances and routines, no where near the dificultly of better dancers that you ripped into and then were voted off. I think people are voting for him now as a joke, we all know he is no where near the level of most dancers on your show. the judges should have given him honest reviews as you did other dancers. not sure why you have protected him so much, but hurts your show in the long run

  3. Mary Says:
    September 7th, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Cole should never have been elimanated. It has been obvious all season that Cyrus has been given only dances that he can dance with his limited talent. It is also obvious that the judges have played favorites with Cyrus. Shame on them.

  4. joyce zingg Says:
    September 9th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    there are 3 dancers left and then there’s cyrus

    nice guy? probably

    the least talented dancer of the top twelve

    not going to bother watching the final


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