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The Week The Women Went Recap: The Pageant Is On

September 05, 2012 10:54 AM by Gina Hall

Jeff Foxworthy is back narrating this week. Where were ya, Jeff? On vacation with the women? This week is all about the child pageant, which ties in nicely to the toddler/tiara/Honey Boo Boo craze America has been on lately. So will the dads be able to pull it off?

So we bring in the gay guys once again to help the guys pull off the pageant. Darnell tries to train Bailey to be a beauty queen. She makes for a very whiny, pouty little princess.

Bug and Skyler, the teens running the businesses in town, work together to get themselves ready for the pageant. Bug is sad that her mom isn’t going to be in the audience to cheer her on.

Suzy Ormon is back this week telling the women to take care of themselves. Lindsay, the restaurant owner, gets to tell her mom what she really thinks about running the restaurant. Suzy makes Lindsay and her mom, Karleen, cry. Suzy is good at that.

Pageant Day is here. Stephen is feeling the pressure. He’s been in charge with the prep. The pageant prep area is opened and the contestants rush in. It must be open to other towns because there are plenty of pageant moms grooming their children along with the men.

The men try to apply makeup and do hair for their children. It’s quite the disaster. Darnell has spray painted one of Bailey’s dresses and it’s, well, interesting. Bug and Skyler do their own makeup and hair, no parent to help them out.

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Karleen goes through a crisis of conscience that she’s doomed Lindsay to a bad life running a failing restaurant.

Back and the pageant, Bailey gets overwhelmed and starts to chicken out. Darnell is a little peeved that he’s had to put in all this work just for Bailey to start crying. But Darnell gets Baily in the dress and she finally calms down.

The judges are a few actual teen pageant winners and Jerome thinks he can land one of them. They’re out of your league, Jerome. Way out of your league.

And speaking of girls out of Jerome’s league, the little kids take stage. Darnell’s heart melts when he sees Bailey come out in what he calls her “big ugly dress.” Then the teens come out for their time on the stage. Bug and Skylar look great. The dads are so proud of their girls.

The girls have to do a quick change into a “salute the troops” outfit. Dresses fly. Darnell’s spray painted dress stands out as, well, a “big ugly dress.” Is that barbed wire on Bailey’s dress? Maybe it’s to salute the troops at Guantanamo.

Back with the women, they have their last dinner. The tension between Amy and Tammy is at its peak. Tammy doesn’t want her son, Justin, to marry Amy. Tammy decides to take a walk with Amy. Tammy thinks they’re too young. Tammy just isn’t sure if she’s going to give her blessing.

Back the the pageant, Bailey steals the show with her personality. The girls appreciate that their dads have helped and choose them as their heroes in the pageant Q&A session. Then there is one last wardrobe change for the awards ceremony. Again the dresses fly. Bailey is the only Yesmine girl to win. Good thing Darnell convinced her to participate.

The women return to town next week. Find out if they’re pleased or horrified by what the men have done!

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