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America’s Next Top Model Recap: To Makeover Or Not To Makeover?

September 08, 2012 07:56 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Time to get excited, because it’s makeover week on America’s Next Top Model! Keeping with this season’s trend of changing anything and everything, Tyra is now giving each contestant the option to refuse a makeover. How will this life-or-death decision play into tonight’s results?

We’re only three episodes in, but this has already been a tumultuous season of America’s Next Top Model. In addition to booting out the beloved Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker, the show has switched up its ranking system, making social media a huge part of the equation.

Tonight, ANTM throws another big change into the mix: contestants can choose whether or not they want makeovers! But before moving into makeover territory, the episode starts off with Leila graciously inviting Laura to share her suite. Instead of being grateful, Laura wonders about Leila’s motives. Isn’t possible to just be a kind person without any exterior motives? Guess not.

OMG, it’s time for Tyra mail! Tyra announces that it is makeover week, and the contestants wonder what will happen to their beautiful hair if they get makeovers. The biggest fear is that of pixie cuts. Apparently, having their hair cut would be the end of the world.

Moment of truth: who will get the pixie cut of doom? The girls have to decide whether they want makeovers before they learn what their new hairstyles will look like. Most of the contestants are eager for makeovers, but predictably, Maria and Victoria pass on the opportunity. Tyra’s disappointed reaction makes it feel like there never really much of a choice surrounding the makeovers in the first place.

Not only will the majority of the girls be sporting a new look for the upcoming photo shoot…they’ll be showing a lot of skin! Oh, and they get to pose with male models. Cue the screaming.

Maria is apparently not comfortable with all this. She freaks out and says what everyone was expecting: “I think I just want to go home.” Goodbye Maria! The other models finish their shoot and go home to discuss the development. They agree that Maria had the wrong attitude.

It look’s like Victoria’s decision to forgo a makeover may have played out in her favor, because her photo is chosen as the best…which is why she gets the key to the Tyra room!

Next, we learn the bottom two for this week: Yvonne and Darian. According to Tyra, Yvonne is not showing off her booty enough, and Darian is simply too “posey.” The decision ultimately goes to the fan base. This works in Yvonne’s favor, which means that Darian will be going home.

So, what crazy new changes can we expect next week? Stay tuned to find out!

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One Response to “America’s Next Top Model Recap: To Makeover Or Not To Makeover?”

  1. stewie Says:
    September 10th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Kelly Cutrone showed how two faced she is by telling the models they had the choice of passing on the makeovers just so she could chastise them for it. If you’re going to give them choices, why act like they’re making the wrong choices? What a miserable excuse for a woman. And this is coming from someone who looks like she’s in a Halloween costume she can’t get out of. Good God, I hate this woman.


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