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Hell’s Kitchen Season Finale Recap: The Season Ten Winner Is…

September 10, 2012 09:25 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen brought us many under cooked wellingtons, countless inedible scallops, and two tons of ruined risotto. By now, you’d think the contestants would be smart enough to learn how to cook these dishes before applying for Hell’s Kitchen… eh, who am I kidding?! Listening to Gordon Ramsay cry ”it’s raw!” and scream “taste it!” is part of the fun. Season 10 also brought us two incredible chefs, Justin Antiorio and Christina Wilson; however, at the end of the night, only one door opens.


Christina – Dana, Patrick, Kimmie, and Robyn

Justin – Barbie, Brian, Royce, and Clemenza

Dinner Service

Leading into dinner service, Justin worries about Clemenza. Justin gathers his team for a last-minute review of the menu, and Clemenza is missing in action. Clemenza knows Justin wants him downstairs, but he stays upstairs and says “if Justin wants me, he can come and get me.” Clemenza acts like a child because he’s bitter about not being in the finals.

Team Christina and Team Justin enter Hell’s Kitchen for the last time. Christina hopes her team will find a rhythm and have fun. Justin goes for more of a “push, yell, hold his head, push, yell” approach.

Both teams prepare a sample of their menu for Chef Ramsay to review. Ramsay is impressed. He offers only a few presentation ideas.

Dinner service begins. Christina decides to keep an eye on the “cancer of any team” Robyn. While she’s busy watching Robyn, Dana makes a mess out of the scallops. Team Christina amps up their communication and the appetizers move out quickly. Royce struggles with crab cakes and complains that Justin is all bark and no help. Every chance he gets, Royce reminds us what a self-involved douche he can be. Justin has his work cut out for him, for sure.

Raw food from Clemenza leads to Ramsay accusing him of sabotage. Clemenza admits it’s hard to take a backseat… but he finally manages to get his head out of his a**.

Dana overcooks halibut, Christina asks her to start over, and Dana ignores Christina. Dana places the halibut. Christina, again, asks her to make it fresh. Dana argues, insisting the fish is fine. Chef Andi steps in and berates Dana for arguing with her head chef. Dana still fights for her fish. For crying out loud, Dana, there’s more fish in the sea!

Kimmie gives her pan on the stove a little shake as she watches Dana and Christina argue about the fish. Christina warns Dana, “work it out.” Eventually, Dana relents… but what a ridiculous waste of time. Meanwhile, a dinner guest returns his plate to Justin’s kitchen because the food is cold. It’s Royce’s dish, but he blames Justin for not checking it.

Both teams start their last ticket. Christina has most of the food she needs for her last table. She waits for Dana’s pork, which turns out to be raw inside. Ramsay tells Christina she needs to make a choice – serve the food she has while Dana recooks the pork or pull it all back and make everyone start over. Christina decides to start over. Ramsay is happy with her decision. Team Justin has issues too. Barbie overcooks rib eye so many times she eventually runs out of rib eye. The dinner guest agrees to a substitution… but ouch… not a good way for Justin’s service to end.

On finale night, it’s refreshing to hear Ramsay offer advice and encouragement to the final two chefs instead of foul language and insults. Ramsay congratulates both teams on an amazing dinner service.

Winner Reveal

Gordon Ramsay makes his decision. He tells Justin and Christina that they’re both phenomenal chefs and amazing leaders. Ramsay compliments Christina’s passion. Ramsay admires Justin’s extraordinary taste for food.  Justin and Christina stand in front of their doors.

The winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 10 is… Christina Wilson!  

Christina says about winning, “It feels so good. It’s totally amazing. I can barely feel my body right now. It’s so completely overwhelming, but I’m trying to hold onto every second of it here.” Christina is excited to go to Las Vegas. She says she’ll keep pushing the bar higher and higher until she “touches the stars.”

Ramsay hugs Justin and tells him he did a  great job. Justin says about coming in second, “The toughest thing ever in my life was holding onto that door knob and having that door not open. I gave everything I could possibly give. I have no regrets.”

Ramsay says Christina’s talents are undeniable. He believes in her ability to lead the kitchen at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas. Ramsay says, “I know I’m not rolling the dice with Christina in Vegas because she is the real deal.”

Do you think Gordon Ramsay made the right decision?

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