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All The Right Moves Recap: Time To Pull Together

September 11, 2012 08:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Oxygen’s All The Right Moves, Kyle proved to be just what Shaping Sound needed, as he came through when Travis needed him the most, despite Teddy’s betrayal. This week, when the guys needed to pull together, would that betrayal pull them apart instead?

Tonight on All The Right Moves, the guys had to really bring it so they would be prepared for their big show. During rehearsals, Kyle was paired with an attractive female dancer, in which he was playing a man who betrayed his girl. While it really hit home with Kyle, the look on Noelle’s face during the performance was priceless – can you say Karma? Travis immediately knew there was a problem and tried to address Teddy privately outside.

Privacy? What’s that? Oh wait, there was no privacy once Nick decided to walk up and stick his nose into it. Don’t get me wrong, Nick had every right to know as well, and needless to say he was not too amused that he was the last to know. Of course, Teddy’s reasoning for not telling Nick was that he was afraid Nick would open his mouth about it during rehearsals. Nick proved him wrong though and kept quiet, while Teddy talked to Noelle, and apologized. Problem solved…for now anyway, I am still not quite sure that Kyle completely trusts Teddy.

And then there was Taja – need I say more? Does anyone else love the way Nick rolls his eyes every single time Taja nears him? Now if only Travis would dump the drama queen, all would be perfect. But instead, they kissed and made up – yuck! Also tonight, we finally got a glimpse of Travis’ boyfriend Dom! Dom showed up to surprise Travis (and be supportive) and it was adorable – they definitely make a cute couple. The guys threw Dom a big birthday bash, and then it was back to business.

This week’s business was finding a theater to do their show. Easy task, right? Wrong! At least not when you have a limited budget. After viewing theaters in their price range, the guys decided they needed to do something more. That need was intensified when Kyle took them to a theater he had performed at prior, that was about $8K more than they had budgeted for one. But, what could they do?

They pulled together for a Shaping Sound fundraising show, complete with a silent auction. They decided to auction off tickets to the show, private dance lessons, and backstage passes among other things. Their big hope was that all the “dance moms” would come with their never-ending wallets and save the day. The guys put on an awesome kid friendly show, charging $15.00 a pop at the door, but would they be able to raise enough for a theater?

Nervously, they counted up all the cash, along with the bids, and they ended up with something around $8100.00, which was just enough to score the theater of their dreams! Hooray for teamwork!

Next week it looks like we will finally get to see their show. Are you as excited as we are? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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Photo and Video Credit: Oxygen

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