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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Holy Hot Tamales! Pole-Dancing and Yumba Rumba In Sexy Finale Performances!

September 11, 2012 07:19 PM by Candace Young

Last week the Top Four were set on So You Think You Can Dance. Eliana, Chehon, Tiffany, and Cyrus will compete in the performance finale tonight and two winners – one guy and one girl – will be crowned next week! Rob Marshall joins Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the judges’ panel tonight. Highlights after the jump…

So You Think You Can Dance kicks off with Eliana and Cyrus partnering for a Pasa Doble to The Game Has Changed. It’s dramatic and masterful with a lot of posturing and staring. Cyrus’ inexperience shows just a tad, but the judges don’t think it hurt him – he supported his partner all the way through.

Tiffany and Will, from Season Four, perform a contemporary jazz routine set to a disco beat that really showcases Tiffany’s flexibility. Awesome! The judges are keen on the lines, extensions, and beauty of the choreography and dancing. “Tremendous,” says Nigel.

Eliana and Chehon team up for a classical ballet routine – The Nutcracker SuiteGrand Pas de Deux. Chehon looks so scrumptious in white tights I can hardly concentrate on the performance, but it appears to be flawless and controlled – gorgeous on several levels. The judges rave that it was exquisite, difficult, breathtaking, spectacular etc.

Cyrus and Tiffany do a lyrical hip-hop number to Best Thing I Never Had. They depict a couple in conflict. All the moves are perfect and the emotion is raw. The judges feel that they absolutely killed it. Mary tells Tiffany she was a little beast up there!

The Top Four dance together in a ‘quirky’ Tyce Diorio routine that manages to allow Cyrus to do his pop ‘n’ lock while the others do ballet moves. Cool!

Following Eliana’s ballet solo, Chehon joins all-star, Alison, for a Stacy Tookey routine that is full of expression and danced with abandon! It ends with a breathtaking kiss. Gah! The judges are on their feet! Mary screeches and talks about an Emmy for Stacy Tookey. She raves about Chehon’s dancing. Nigel enthuses, “Wow, young man!”

Whoa! Next up, Tiffany and Eliana team up for a burlesque pole dance! True story! The girls rock this style – Nigel, who seems on the verge of a heart attack, has more fun than Katy Perry kissing One Direction on that awards show last week! It’s sultry, artistic, and stunning. Nigel recovers enough to say it was fabulous and the other judges concur.

Cyrus performs his solo to Holy Ghost, and Tiffany performs her solo to I Believe.

Chehon and Cyrus do a Sonya Teyeh routine together. She notes Cyrus struggling in practice. It’s an athletic and interesting performance. Cyrus holds his own, but it’s tough not to see the difference in abilities technically. Nigel tells Cyrus he’s improved and is an inspiration – his favorite person on the show this year. Nigel tells Chehon he’s his favorite dancer this season. Rob comments on the camaraderie shown in the piece.

Chehon performs his solo to How It Ends, and then Eliana pairs with all-star, Alex, for a Travis Wall number set to Without You. This is another heartrendingly expressive and emotional lyrical dance. Rob comments on the connection between them, Nigel calls it his favorite number of the night so far, adding that Eliana is his favorite of ALL TIME on the series! Eliana’s jaw drops to the floor. Mary, who was choked up after the dance like me, says it was spectacular because of Eliana’s passion.

Tiffany and Chehon team up for a Rumba that is supposed to be so hot we’re uncomfortable watching it! With a backdrop of white ethereal curtains and a scintillating version of Love Me Tender playing, it’s like watching Italian foreplay. Yumba! Mary isn’t 100% sold on their chemistry but thinks it was fabulous. Rob disagrees – he saw an organic connection and found it sexy. Nigel jokes that they finally found a shirt for Chehon but it has no buttons!

Amazing! Cyrus and Twitch are together for So You Think You Can Dance’s first ever animation routine. They’re in a lab and have supernatural powers. Muahaha! Like A Criminal is their tune. They are electric synchronized insanity! Everyone comes to their feet. Rob calls them superstars, Mary screams about them smashing the door down, and Nigel loved it, adding that Christopher Scott called them ‘world class’. Nigel goes on to say that he has to support Chehon tonight for his own personal reasons, but wants Cyrus to know that he has a great future in dance and he loves his bones.

Who will you vote for? This could be the tightest race ever! Chehon deserves to win best guy, but America loves underdog Cyrus. Eliana and Tiffany are both fantastic dancers.  Chehon and Eliana get my vote for edging out the competition and rising to the top.

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