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The Week The Women Went Recap: The Women Return

September 11, 2012 11:40 PM by Gina Hall

It’s time for the women to come back to town on “The Week the Women Went.”  Jeff Foxworthy narrates, what will they find upon their return?

Bailey doesn’t want to take her dress off after winning the pageant. It’s also time for all the households to clean up before the moms, wives and girlfriends return. Justin struggles to do any cleaning at all. Meanwhile, his finance, Amy is struggling with Justin’s mother’s approval. Amy wants the first hug from Justin when they return home. Jerome is looking forward to his mother’s return as well. He’s had to work hard over the past week and no longer wants to do so. The women are sad to leave their vacation. They took once last photo.

Meanwhile back in town the cleaning montages continue, and it’s montaged because even watching people clean house is boring. Stephen realizes how much he’s missed out on raising his kids because he lives far from work. So he decides to put up a for sale sign so he can move closer to work. Surprise honey, I’ve decided we’re moving.

The women hop on the train to return home. Meanwhile the train station that the men were supposed to refurbish is nowhere near done. On the train, Lindsay wants to think about giving up the failing restaurant.

Back home, Bailey is acting like a little diva. Doug decides that he’s going to shave off his overgrown beard to surprise his wife. He doesn’t shave it all off because he has quite a few chins that he still needs to hide.

The men have 30 minutes to get the train depot ready so they call in the fire fighters to help. Hope there’s not an emergency.

On the train, the women obsess over if Justin will hug Amy or his mom first. It’s an odd sort of competition. Justin is a grown guy, so we hope it’s his girlfriend. Time to ween yourself Justin. Justin’s mom really wants to beat Amy off that train.

But Amy races off the train. And youth wins out, Amy gets there first. Justin’s mom passively aggressively gives Justin and Amy her blessing to marry.

The train depot looks pretty good. It looks like a Hollywood set, and probably is. Maybe those firemen were really set dressers in disguise.

Karleen has decided to give up the restaurant so that her girls don’t have to follow in her footsteps. Stephen confronts his wife about wanting to move closer to work. At the Wilson household the kids start acting up. Both kids get sent to their rooms before apologizing.

Jerome is still aching for a car loan. He pulls out all the stops, cleaning his room and such. His parents finally agree.

Ultimately,  everyone seems just a little better off for having gone through this week. The men and the women appreciate each other a little more. That’s it for The Week the Women Went!

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