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The Voice Contestants Reflect on The Season 3 Premiere

September 12, 2012 11:57 AM by Shayla Perry

They’re the first official members of Teams Adam, Blake, Cee Lo and Christina, having made it through the Blind Auditions on The Voice. Now, De’Borah, Daniel Rosa, Trevin Hunte, and the rest of the contestants who had the coaches spinning in their chairs on the Season 3 premiere are ready to reintroduce themselves to the world, talking about everything from coming up as artists on the hit NBC singing competition, to coming out of the closet.

Here’s what the contestants had to say:

On deciding to compete on The Voice….

Joe Kirkland: Actually, what’s funny is I wasn’t really that familiar with the show. I got given an invite to audition. And I guess I checked it out and I noticed that the show was more unique than any of the shows I’d seen because it actually kind of held true to us as artists; it didn’t really try to make us seem any different than what we really are.

Like they were very open to the fact that, you know, I was in a band and I was trying to lead that band. And they didn’t try and just make me who they thought I could be.

On choosing their coaches….

Trevin Hunte: Well with Cee Lo [Green] I just hope that I can show people that I have another side to me. I feel like, yeah, I do have a powerful voice, but I feel like people put me in a box as far as singing strong ballads. And I think with being on the Cee Lo Team, I could have a chance with doing some pop and even venturing out to do some country and switching it up and making it Trevin.

Daniel Rosa: I don’t know. I mean [Cee Lo and I], we’re both big guys. I felt like he would respect me as an artist. I just felt  like this little click as soon as he turned his chair like it just felt right, you know, which is weird because I was planning on — I though I was going to go with Blake.

Joe Kirkland: I feel like Adam [Levine] — I know a lot about his history and, you know, he actually used to not be a front man. And I kind of really enjoyed the thought of him helping me figure out how to exactly be that front man.

He comes from the same music-style background that I do. And it honestly just seemed like a perfect fit, so I feel like he’s the one that could teach me the most.

Terry McDermott: Blake [Shelton]‘s approach– he’s very supportive and he’s very hands-on. And I got that impression from watching the previous season. You know, he seems to — there’s a very encouraging atmosphere where he’s working with his artists; a very positive nurturing sense. And I think that really carried over with me. I wanted to embrace that, I wanted to grab that if I could.

Plus, my wife’s an enormous country music fan and has worked on converting me, so she would have been mad at me if I hadn’t gone with Blake.

De’Borah: When I saw [Christina Aguilera] I died inside. Like, I couldn’t believe it, you know. Just from the one song that I love the most — I love her — I love all her albums but the one song I love the most is what got me right there. And I cannot believe it. And the voice was saying, “Christina.” I’m so amazed, I can’t even talk. I love her.

On watching the Blind Auditions on television….

Bryan Keith: I kept picturing it to happen that way and it happened that way, you know. And I said that last night, too. I just kept envisioning that happening and it did. It felt like a dream really coming true right in front of me. And watching it with my family and friends and stuff just really put things into perspective and made me feel like I reached my goal.

Joe Kirkland: Yeah, it kind of — it was definitely surreal. I don’t really remember doing all of that on stage. I remember blacking out and telling everybody I blacked out. But it’s like, once you watch it, it’s like an affirmation that it really happened and that we really do have what it takes to be here.

On coming out on national TV….

De’Borah: I never, ever mentioned those words, “I’m gay.” I’ve never said that before. And it actually…like it didn’t even freak me out. It was just like, “Whoa, I can’t believe I just said that.”

[My parents] knew, but I’ve never actually uttered the words. It was more of [an] assumption.

Who else is making it through to the next phase of the competition? Catch night 3 of The Voice‘s Blind Auditions, tonight on NBC at 8|7c.

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