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Braxton Family Values Recap: Big Changes, Bigger Decisions

September 13, 2012 08:08 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on WeTV‘s Braxton Family Values, we watched as Trina shot her music video, and this week it was time for the big reveal! What would her sisters think? And speaking of reveals, Gabe had a big reveal of his own, but would it make or break his marriage? It was the usual Braxton family drama tonight…

This week on Braxton Family Values, Toni met with her sisters to ask them if they would be willing to perform with her in Saint Lucia. Despite a bit of hesitation, I mean, she did fire them after all, Trina and Towanda agreed – but not without a little booty shaking in Toni’s face. Ah, nothing like the love of sisters.

And speaking of booty shaking, the girls decided this was the perfect opportunity for a booty clapping, slapping, and shaking it until you drop class! I am still not sure what was more comical, Traci’s down and dirty moves, or Toni sanitizing the pole – hey, a sister needs to be germ free, right? Oye, talk about major OCD!

Meanwhile, Gabe made an appointment to meet with Evelyn, as he was desperately seeking her advice in moving forward with Trina. Evelyn decided after admitting to Gabe that she does “like him,” that if he was really changing on the inside, he needed to change on the outside. You know what that meant – no more ponytail, facial hair, and a new suit! Donning his new look, Gabe looked like a completely different person, but would Trina buy into it?

Gabe invited Trina to dinner at a nice restaurant, not the cheapo kind she is used to him frequenting. As she waited for him, she was wondering if this was the start of a new Gabe, but nothing prepared her for what she was about to see. When Gabe arrived with his new look, Trina just about fell out of the chair laughing. Uh, yeah, he tried to warn Evelyn that Trina wouldn’t like it, and she didn’t. But, she did give him the benefit of the doubt, and told him she would think over giving their marriage another shot.

Of course, before she could make any decision regarding Gabe, Trina needed to talk with her sisters. Big mistake. Tamar, in typical fashion, jumped on Trina and told her to drop his ass. Okay, not in those exact words, but you get the idea. Trina stood her ground though, and insisted it was her decision. Hmm, why did you ask them then in the first place, Trina?

Finally, it was time for Trina’s big music video reveal to her sisters on Braxton Family Values, and needless to say she was very nervous. Tamar cracked jokes about it, but Toni seemed very impressed, and in my opinion, it was a pretty cool video. The only problem her sisters had with the video was that Trina included a model, and Toni insisted she needed to cut her out. But how would Trina be able to afford anymore editing after she drained her (and Gabe’s) bank account?

You’ll have to tune in next week to find out! Do you think Trina should give Gabe another shot? What did you think of Trina’s music video? We know you have an opinion, and we want to hear it! Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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