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Britney Spears Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

September 13, 2012 07:21 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

It’s been a busy week for Britney Spears, what with the premiere of The X Factor and an appearance on Ellen Degeneres’ show.  But the star (or, at least, her lawyer) managed to carve out a little time for settling an old lawsuit. What did Britney do to warrant charges of sexual harassment?

When we think of stars apt to be slapped with sexual harassment lawsuits, Britney Spears doesn’t come to the top of the list. Yes, she’s had her problems over the years, but sexual harassment just doesn’t seem her style.

According to former bodyguard Fernando Flores, Britney’s not above harassing her employees. He alleges that, while wearing a see-through dress, Britney “intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed her uncovered genitals.” Additionally, Britney is said to have summoned her bodyguard to her room while she was naked, only to ask for “two bottles of 7 Up.” And following that awkward encounter, she allegedly said, “You know you liked it.”

Britney denies all of these allegations, but is clearly eager to put the lawsuit behind her. TMZ reports that she has negotiated a settlement, but it isn’t even enough to cover all of Fernando Flores’ legal fees. That could change though — Britney is still under conservatorship (something else that she’d love to put behind her), so a probate court will need to approve the settlement before anything is finalized. We don’t expect the probate court to instigate any significant changes, meaning that the former bodyguard will have to cut his losses and find a different job.

Do you think there’s any truth to Fernando Flores’ allegations? Or is this simply a ploy for money? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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