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Project Runway Recap: Homage to The Menstrual Cycle

September 13, 2012 08:24 PM by Shayla Perry

Who else but Tim Gunn could have us looking at a dress and thinking about soiled maxi-pads during what’s supposed to be a heartfelt, emotional challenge?! Which of the Project Runway designers’ textile prints had Tim almost blushing with embarrassment?

This week on Lifetime, with just 8 designers remaining, the competition is getting fierce, and the contestants are finding themselves in need of more and more motivation to keep pushing forward through the taxing challenges.

Gunnar Deatherage‘s motivation? His mama needs a boob job!

In the workroom with Tim Gunn and Project Runway All-Stars winner, Mondo Guerra meet with everyone to explain the challenge.

The designers will be creating textiles inspired by their own heritage; the life-changing challenge that Mondo won during his season of the show.

And for a little help with that inspiration, some special people arrive — their loved ones.

Mothers (including Gunnar’s), sisters, best friends and boyfriends enter the workroom with slideshows of pictures and videos for the designers to use to help them come up with ideas for their textiles, which they’ll be creating with the help of HP.

Later, the fabric is delivered, and everyone’s taken aback by how their designs actually look in front of them; especially Christopher Palu, who’s still struggling to make something out of his ladybug print.

Maybe his new BFF, Gunnar, could help him out a bit. Okay, so maybe they’re not at that point, but the two definitely have come a long way since the premiere, when they spent most of their time giving each other evil eyes.

And besides, after Tim practically tears apart Gunnar’s jacket idea, we’re sure Christopher isn’t going to want to take his advice on anything; him or Ven Budhu, who’s dress Gunn says reminds him of a bloody maxi-pad. (Thanks for the visual, Tim!)

Melissa Fleis‘ red and white pattern is definitely outside of her wheelhouse, but the gamble seems to pay off.

Ven, however, doesn’t have a very easy time in front of the judges, who bash him for going with the “fan-look” once again, and the Hawaiian airline hostess-like dress. They ask him if anyone has ever bothered to tell him that he should try doing something else, and Ven actually says, “No.” Really?!

Dmitry Sholokhov impresses the judges with his “crazy good” cut out jacket, but Gunnar’s bird print is “chaotic” and doesn’t convey the heartfelt message that he was trying to get across.

Christopher’s dress is another disappointment; especially for him, and Sonjia Williams‘ perfectly tailored trousers are a hit.

During the judges’ deliberation, Heidi Klum calls Tim Gunn into the room to ask if he’s ever mentioned anything to Ven about doing the same dress for every challenge. Gunn explained that he’s said it to him before, but adds that he didn’t think he had to say it for this one because that’s not the same dress that he saw in the workroom.

The winner of the challenge is Dmitry, with the judges proud of him for not making a dress…again.

Despite doing the “flower thing” AGAIN, Ven is safe this week, and it’s Gunnar who’s “out.”

At least he and Christopher were able to get through the competition without killing each other…and maybe even as fr— Nah, we wouldn’t go that far!

Tell us, do you agree with the judges’ decision? Do you think Gunnar deserved to go home this week, or should it have been Ven who was eliminated? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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Photo credit: Lifetime

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One Response to “Project Runway Recap: Homage to The Menstrual Cycle”

  1. Diane Says:
    September 14th, 2012 at 9:49 am

    There is no doubt in my mind that Ven should have been out. I might have worn the boxy bird jacket to work (with a different dress) but Hades would freeze over before I wore that mashed up airline stewardess dress


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