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The Voice Contestants Dish On Their Blind Auditions

September 13, 2012 04:47 PM by Shayla Perry

Last night, they managed to turn the chairs of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera with their amazing talent; but who are the people behind the voices? Find out more about NBC‘s newest Voice contestants – Domo, Nelly’s Echo, Nicole Nelson, and 2SteelGirls  – from their recent interview.

How does Cee Lo Green’s style compare to yours?

Domo: I feel like he’s so cool and he’s like a free spirit. I have a big genre of different styles of music that I listen to, and I feel like he’s the same. I feel like he doesn’t just speak to one sound or song selection. I actually wanted him from the very beginning, so I’m glad I got him.

How has your journey from Nigeria defined you as a singer and musician?

Nelly’s Echo: With regards to my sound as a musician, I am a product of different cultures and geographies, so it allows me to sound like everything you’ve heard, but nothing you’ve quite experienced musically.

Also, coming from what I came from in Nigeria, allows me to draw from that to get the strength to go through tough times as a musician in this business.

How tough was it to take a song like “Hallelujah” and make it your own?

Nicole Nelson: I feel that it was not tough because the song is so very beautiful, and so very inspiring. I think it would’ve been harder to take a song that I had less feelings for, than it was for a song like that.

The song…it just wakes everything inside of you when you sing it. It takes on a life of its own, so it’s easy to breathe life into that song.

What’s the best part about being on Team Blake and why do you think he’s a good mentor for you?

2SteelGirls: We’re really excited about getting to work with Blake. We’re kind of a country-pop kind of crossover sort of thing because we used to do gospel, but we’re really excited to work with Blake because he is so great; him and Miranda [Lambert]. I think he’ll really be able to really help us practice.

We did gospel for so long and we’re just really starting to get into country, so for us to be selected by Blake and to get to choose Blake has been a blessing for us, and we hope that he gets to craft us and really work with us. We’re just very, very excited about that.

How do you think your dancing experience and stage presence with help you in the competition?

Domo: I’ve been on the stage dancing for about 7 years professionally, so it’s a comfort zone for me, so I’m used to seeing many faces, interacting with the crowd, and just getting the crowd hyped. You feed off of the crowd, so if the crowd is energetic and they’re hyped, it reflects on the performer. It’s that energy that I feed off of.

At the end of the day, you don’t know how long you’re gonna be there, and every moment has to count. I didn’t want to sacrifice who I was and the kind of artist I want to be because I don’t only want to be labeled as “Domo, the singer from The Voice,” I want to be “Domo, the artist.”

What made you decide to take the risk and quit your job to audition for the show?

2SteelGirls: I’ve been a professional musician for most of my life, but I was a church musician — a full-time musician — and I resigned from that about two years ago and my kids [and I], we’ve just been doing music here in Nashville, and in Nashville, there are so many artists that honestly, you could play every night of the week and you don’t get paid; and that’s just how it is.

So I went from being full-time as a musician to not being paid at all, and it’s so much work. But here in Nashville, you still have to pay your band, because you have a professional band to play with you and you pay them. We just prayed about it and talked about it as a family, and you know, sometimes you just have to roll the dice.

I really believe in my kids. We weren’t able to send my kids to college, even though we were both employed full-time, and we were from a really small town, and it was just a really poor town, and we weren’t able to send them to college, and it’s the one thing we have regretted. For this, the reason I quit my job was because I was not able to send them to college and better their futures.

My children are both so talented; my son plays guitar with as as well, … so the reason I quit my job was to be able to invest more in my children’s future than I have and music is a great opportunity to do that on an international level and it opens up a lot of doors for them that I think are very well deserved.

The Blind Auditions continue Monday, September 17th at 8|7c on NBC.

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