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The Great Food Truck Race Recap: The Final Four In Nashville

September 16, 2012 08:00 PM by Lori Wilson

The remaining five teams on The Great Food Truck Race rolled into Nashville to cook for a popular country duo, as they set about selling big in the Music City. That, plus another accident and the chefs losing their teammates shook up the status quo in week five of the Food Network reality show.

Truck Stop
The four remaining teams met Tyler just outside Nashville, TN. He gave them $300 seed money and then threw them a Truck Stop at the farm of country duo Joey + Rory. The food trucks had an hour to make a picnic meal that would impress the singers. Momma’s whipped up chipotle chicken wings, slaw and sweet potato fries. Pop-A-Waffle made southern fried chicken. Nonna’s made an Italian burger with mac and cheese. Seoul Sausage prepared empanadas, potato salad and mixed berry pie. After a taste test, Joey + Rory chose Pop-A-Waffle as the winner. The team won Rory’s guitar, which didn’t seem like much, until they learned it was worth $1000 in profits. A clear advantage. They also received a prime spot at Joey + Rory’s outdoor party where opened their truck to the 1500 people in attendance.

The Challenge
While Pop-A-Waffle raked it in, the other teams were sent to Nashville to set up shop. Seoul Sausage did well with their signature balls and burgers at a party, while Momma’s found disappointing sales with their chicken and slaw tacos outside an ice cream shop. In the Five Points neighborhood, Nonna’s sold their Italian meatball sliders and ice cream sandwiches to the hipster crowd.

The next day, Seoul Sausage went to the same area, but got lost looking for a grocery store, while Nonna’s staked out a triathlon in Centennial Park. Pop-A-Waffle drove to the 12 South neighborhood and Momma’s hooked up with a dessert company in Germantown. While trying to park, Nonna’s backed into a car, sending them into a panic they would be sent home over it.

Speed Bump
Tyler called the chefs and instructed them to kick their teammates off the truck immediately. They could watch, but they couldn’t help. In place of their teams, the chefs received two students from a nearby culinary school to help them for the day. The teammates watched from afar and critiqued their chef’s decisions, as they navigated their new staff. Momma’s didn’t understand why their chef let the students cook when she never let them. Seoul Sausage grew angry when they watched as their chef shopped for hats at a nearby vendor instead of selling. On the flip side, while Momma’s chef didn’t appreciate her students’ suggestions in the kitchen, Nonna’s enjoyed some peace and quiet considering her students didn’t yell at her like her partners did. Once the students were done, the teams were reunited to sell for the last couple of hours. However, by the end of the day, Nonna’s, who crashed into a car, and Momma’s, whose sales weren’t great, were worried going into elimination.

The teams met Tyler to find out who would be going home. With their truck stop bonus, it was no shock to learn Pop-A-Waffle came in first. Tyler told Nonna’s their sales put them in second, but due to their accident, they weren’t necessarily safe. He relayed that the owner of the car they hit was understanding, but they still had to pay dearly. Like The Great Food Truck Race stop in Fayetteville, they had to pay the insurance deductible, which was $250. Even with the fine, they still came in second place. That surprisingly meant Seoul Sausage landed in the bottom two with Momma’s. However, they sold just enough to keep on truckin’. The same couldn’t be said for Momma’s Grizzly Grub, as they turned in their keys.

With Pop-A-Waffle coming in first and Seoul Sausage landing in third, it’s anyone’s game. Tyler informed the final three competing for their very own food truck and $50,000 they would be driving to Cleveland, Ohio for next week. What do you think of the shift in rankings? Who will go into the finale after next week? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photos courtesy of The Food Network

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