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Breaking Amish Recap: Saying Hello To New York City

September 17, 2012 07:20 AM by Melissa Stavarski

TLC‘s latest reality exploit show Breaking Amish follows Sabrina, Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah, and Kate as they leave their Amish and Mennonite communities for an adventure in New York City. The Breaking Amish premiere introduced the cast and gave us a rare inside look at the Amish and Mennonite communities. Now that they’re in New York… TLC’s cameras catch their reactions to light switches, running water, wine, and more.

TLC reminds us what Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Sabrina, and Jeremiah are going through on Breaking Amish… Kate cries, “I just need to get away and find out who I really am.” Sabrina can’t stand the thought of going through her life wondering what if. Rebecca, the youngest of the group, says, “I just lost my family. I have nothing. I have to gather up my stuff and leave.” Abe goes to New York to follow dreams.

Rebecca and Abe know each other from church. On the way to the airport, Rebecca and Abe talk about their plans for New York City. Rebecca is nervous about the airplane but excited to see a beach. Abe decides he could definitely make himself at home on a beach. Abe thinks Rebecca is hot. Rebecca secretly likes Abe.

Rebecca and Abe meet Sabrina at the airport. (Side note: Are Mennonite allowed to pierce their ears? Sabrina has two holes in each ear.) She  is nervous about the plane. Simply put, she doesn’t want to die, and she decides to pray and read the Bible to better her chances of staying alive. Abe digs the airplane. He likes being in the clouds and hearing the engine just “take him away.” Rebecca freaks out in “this tiny little tin box that’s shaking.”

Once they arrive in New York City, the trio waits for their luggage, oohs and aahs over a limo, and takes a cab to their hotel. They all agree that people dress different in NYC after they see a man walking down the street with a cat sitting on his head. Abe describes the city as “building after building.”

Abe, Rebecca, and Sabrina explore their “fancy” hotel rooms. While Rebecca plays with the lights and coffee maker, Sabrina eats donuts. Together, they conquer the clock radio.  Abe is stoked about the TV, plays with the running water, and takes a stab at the clock radio.

Sabrina, Rebecca, and Abe decide to check out “the town.” The big buildings overwhelm Sabrina. Abe says, “Sad buildings forever.” A New Yorker calls them Pilgrims, offending Rebecca. The trio is anxious to reach Times Square, but, once there, it’s  too crazy, bright, and loud for them. So much so, Sabrina longs to see cows again. She says, “There are people milling around everywhere like cattle. I miss the cows. I’ve never seen that many people just going nowhere.” Sabrina doesn’t feel safe. Abe says nothing in his life will ever compare to Times Square… I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Kate and Jeremiah arrive in New York. She isn’t impressed; she thinks it’s dirty. “There are buildings and concrete everywhere,” Kate says. “How do the kids grow up? Why are there trees in big boxes?” Nevertheless, Kate wants to be a model and NYC is the perfect place to start , especially when TLC is bankrolling the operation. Jeremiah thinks the people in New York  are nuts, but he’s glad to be away from the Bishop and his wife… he takes off his hat and says f**k it.

Back at the hotel, Abe complains about the $52.79 breakfast he ordered from room service. Sabrina realizes he could have gotten 50 dozen Amish/Mennonite eggs for the price of one NYC omelet.

Kate introduces herself to Sabrina and Rebecca. Rebecca isn’t too impressed with Kate. She says to the camera, “Everybody bragged her out before I met her. Where’s this gorgeous, outrageously beautiful person? Where’s she at?” Rebecca asks the hotel staff to bring an extra bed to their room for Kate. Some people ask for extra towels, Rebecca asks for an extra bed. Then, Rebecca offends Sabrina when she asks, “Are you going to eat all day again like you did yesterday?” Clearly, Rebecca has no filter. She’s going to be my favorite Amish pretending to be New York, err, English pretending to be Amish… I have no idea what to call these people, but I like the one who says everything that pops into her brain and her (eventual) boy toy Abe.

Jeremiah is ALL about the chicks. Abe says there are a lot of skanks… Jeremiah’s like… gotta start someplace, might as well party. Jeremiah warns Abe, who he describes as a weird weak Amish kid who probably never had to work, you better be ready to party.

While out on the town, Abe and Rebecca buy sunglasses (considered vain), Jeremiah feels an attraction to Sabrina, and they go food shopping. While Sabrina takes issue with shopping on a Sunday, Abe says it makes him feel free. Rebecca buys 50% junk food and 50% soda. Kate and Sabrina buy 85% wine and 15% healthy food.

Random news: Rebecca hopes Abe asks her out. Abe tells Jeremiah he saw a girl whose dress barely covered her a**, and he was tempted to throw a quarter for her to pick up. Kate and Sabrina find out that Rebecca wears false teeth. It creeps out Kate… but not enough to keep her from making fun of Rebecca, finding the teeth in the middle of the night, and planning to hide them. That Kate… such a sweet Amish girl.

Kate and Sabrina bond over their wine. Rebecca cannot drink, as she’s not yet 21, so she feels left out. Sabrina says, “It’s not my fault she was born younger.” <giggles> Rebecca says to the camera, “I hate drunk people with a passion.. all they do is laugh. If you laugh one more time, I’m going to punch you.” <no giggles>

Breaking Amish airs Sundays at 10/9 CT on TLC. Next week on Breaking Amish, Abe’s mother and Rebecca’s grandfather come to New York to bring the “kids” home.

Tell us – Breaking Amish or Faking Amish?  What do you think of the show and the rumors surrounding its validity? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: TLC

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4 Responses to “Breaking Amish Recap: Saying Hello To New York City”

  1. Paulette Says:
    September 18th, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Faking Amish – Abe and Rebecca are a couple and have a child together. Jeremiah is divorced and has three kids. He has been Amish for many years.


  2. Johnny Nightrider Says:
    October 25th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    These young people must be getting the perks you see on the show by TLC.The little money thay had plus the jobs they do or don’t do couldn’t pay for alot of this stuff.It’s good because it would be boring if TLC didn’t sport some money so they could do what they want to do.I want to see the next episode where they go back home,and what happens with Sabrina,Rebecca,and Kate.Abe and Jeremiah also.I think Abe and Jeremiah have the best chance of going back and fitting back in if thats what they want to do.

  3. Johnny Nightrider Says:
    October 25th, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Where’s the comment I made?????

  4. Johnny Nightrider Says:
    October 25th, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    I’m Native American and Johnny Nightrider is my name.I’m Apache.


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