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The Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: The Aftermath Of St. Barth’s

September 17, 2012 07:30 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of New York City is all new tonight on Bravo.  The ladies might be back from St. Barth’s, but the arguments continue in the Big Apple.  Plus, Heather confronts the Countess about her romp with the pirate!

The ladies are back in New York, so Ramona decides to host a dinner party.  Only LuAnn, Jacques and Sonja are invited to this “Real Men Cook” dinner party.  Can you believe Ramona is actually going to keep her mouth shut about LuAnn and the pirate?  We will have to wait and see if Ramona can keep her big mouth shut.  LuAnn is hanging on Jacques throughout the whole party and tells the cameras she is terrified of losing him.  The men stay in the kitchen and cook, while the ladies gather to gossip about Aviva.  Both Sonja and Ramona are so over their friendship with the Xanax popping Aviva. Ramona thinks that Aviva’s true anxiety is being without her husband.  “I realize she’s abusing me,” Ramona tells the ladies.   The ladies decide to stop talking about Aviva, because she is a buzz-kill even when she isn’t at the party.

After the St. Barth’s trip, Carole and Heather meet up for drinks to discuss the highs and lows (mostly lows) of the trip.  Even Carole and Heather feel Aviva was all about Aviva on the trip.  “I feel like I talk and no one listens,” Carole jokes.  The girls are downing all kinds of shots and are having  a great time.  Heather is really funny when she is bombed! The conversation turns from Aviva to uncircumcised penises.  After all the drinking the girls confess their love for one another and stumble out of the bar.

The Countess and Heather meet up for dinner to catch up on things.  Heather really wants to get the details on where LuAnn and Jacques currently stand, but she wants to be “sensitive” about the topic.  LuAnn acts like nothing happened in St. Barth’s and is talking about moving forward with IVF treatments.  “I feel like I skipped a few chapters,” Heather tells the cameras.  What in the hell happened to the pirate?  Heather thinks LuAnn is trying to sell herself that everything is perfect in her relationship.

This episode is all about dinners and re-hashing the St. Barth’s trip.  The new gals gather to discuss their first trip as housewives.  “I don’t want to hear it anymore…the analyzing about it isn’t healthy,” Carole tells the cameras.  Aviva babbles on about how she wasn’t welcomed when she reached the island.  She thinks that Ramona is a “cheesy cheesy, low-class woman.”  Ouch! I hope Aviva has the guts to say those words to Ramona’s face. 

Sonja meets up with Carole to go shirt shopping.  To Carole’s surprise (and horror) the designer is a man she went on an awkward date with once.  “I’m going to kill you,” Carole whispers to Sonja.  When the designer steps out, the conversation turns to St. Barth’s – of course.  Sonja just wants to move on and Carole just wants to forget the horrible vacation. 

It’s another dinner scene, this time it’s Heather and Aviva.  Right away, Aviva starts talking about how St. Barth’s was one of the worst times of her life.  “Am I being over sensitive here?” Aviva asks Heather.  Heather actually defends Ramona and Sonja, but Aviva isn’t having it.  Finally, Heather tells Aviva to just let it go!

Sonja and Ramona decide to have a girls night in together.  The girl talk turns serious when Sonja shares she is finally having a face-to-face meeting with her ex-husband.  “I need to know where I stand with my ex financially and emotionally,” Sonja tells Ramona.  Ramona knows that Sonja still has feelings for her ex, so she is worried about her friend.

It’s another dinner scene, but this one should be the most entertaining.  Aviva has invited Sonja out to dinner, so they can discuss their fight in St. Barth’s.  “I said stuff I shouldn’t have, they slipped out,” Aviva grovels to Sonja.  But Sonja admits that Aviva said things that she can’t take back.   “I’m over you, do you understand?” Sonja tells Aviva.  Upset by the fact that Sonja is not accepting her apology, Aviva then takes a verbal swing at Sonja telling her that her life is on a downward spiral.  The dinner ends with Sonja walking out and Aviva telling her to just stick with Ramona.

What did you think of tonight’s RHONY episode?  Are you on Team Aviva or Team Romanja?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of New York City Recap: The Aftermath Of St. Barth’s”

  1. Pam Says:
    September 18th, 2012 at 3:47 am

    I was sure I had missed the episode where everyone agreed that the St. Barth’s trip was going to be in Aviva’s honor. She is a total nut job. While she is calling everyone out on their behavior maybe she should include her “dirty old man” father in her rants.

    Thank you Bravo for casting Carole. The best housewife in the history of housewives.

  2. debby Says:
    September 18th, 2012 at 8:39 am

    I cant believe what a “buzz kill” Aviva really is.She thinks shes better than everyone else. I thought vacations were to let loose and have a good time. I love Ramona and Sonja. They are not putting on airs like the rest of the snoots. And in my opinion, Heather and Carole are very very boring.


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