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Kim Kardashian Names Her Kitty After Kanye West Song

September 18, 2012 08:00 AM by Gina Hall

Possibly to give added press to her boyfriend’s new album or maybe for reasons less cynical and more sentimental, Kim Kardashian named her new cat after one of the rapper’s new songs.

On Sept. 16, the star of the E! show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” introduced her new kitten, a Teacup Persian, “Mercy,” the title of boyfriend Kanye West’s first single from the album “Cruel Summer,” which incidentally, just got some free press right here and now as a result of the name of a 31-year-old lady’s cat.

Kim Kardashian went to her family’s Dash boutique in Miami on Sunday and showed off several photos of her cat on Instagram. She wrote this on her Twitter account: “”Dash Miami today was crazy! Such cute stuff!” She also said, “Did a little shopping and re-merchandised the store!”

Earlier in the month, Kim Kardashian went on “The View” and talked about her relationship. She also added, “Technically I’m still married.” And technically – another word for “legally,” “factually” or “in reality,” I suppose – she is still married to former NBA player Kris Humphries. And he was her second husband.

“Anything I’d be in now would be a permanent relationship,” Kim added.

A “permanent relationship,” as opposed to, say, marriage.

Show host Barbara Walters asked Kim if her current relationship, the one with Kanye, is permanent. Kim said, “I hope so. I believe so.”

If that is the case, she might want to steer clear of marrying him, then.

Kim also said that she is interested in having children in the near future. Someone might want to tip her off that children are, in fact, permanent.

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One Response to “Kim Kardashian Names Her Kitty After Kanye West Song”

  1. Marcius E. Chester Says:
    September 18th, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Kim and Kanye are a joke.


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