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All The Right Moves Recap: It’s Showtime!

September 19, 2012 05:47 AM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Oxygen’s All The Right Moves, the guys finally found the perfect theater, and luckily, they made just enough money at their fundraiser to cover the costs. This week, it’s finally time for their big show, but will they crack under the pressure?

The pressure was on for the guys last night on All The Right Moves as Travis, Nick, Teddy, and Kyle were scrambling to get everything together for their big show. After spending most of their money on the theater rental, Travis and Nick were off to find the perfect costumes for the show. With dancers in tow, the pair scoured all the local shops, until they were able to find just what they wanted – who knew costumes were so expensive?

With one day to go, Nick, Travis, and Kyle were getting ready for their final practice run before their dress rehearsals. But where, oh where, was Teddy? Teddy was busy working on yet another project – no, I’m not kidding. Am I the only one who thinks Teddy has way too much on his plate? Nick was infuriated when Teddy showed up hours later, but kept his cool for the sake of the dancers. Don’t worry though, that would not last! Nick confronted Teddy when they had some alone time, and let him know what a jerk he really was.

Good thing they are all friends though, because they did not let it stop them from moving forward with the show. The dress rehearsal show was a complete nightmare – seriously, whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. First, one of the guys dropped Melanie, and then Kyle twisted his wrist during one of the lifts, so neither of them were sure they would be able to pull off the show the next day.  And speaking of Kyle, he was also lucky enough to earn an audition with Robert Ulrich (Glee) and he was pleasantly surprised at the great critique Robert gave him. Both Melanie and Kyle recovered in the  nick of time for the big show.

Finally, it was showtime! Would the show go off without a hitch? The show was awesome, despite a few issues. During Nick’s solo, the chair slipped out from under his feet, which could have been disastrous, but Nick was able to pull it off with the ultimate coolness that only Nick has. Travis had his own personal catastrophe, when his arms gave out during the last performance of the first act, but he was able to hold up his girl until the curtain fell. However, when all the guys turned around, Travis was on the floor. Silly boy forgot to schedule himself a break in between dances. “I danced my ass off,” Travis told the medics who gave him the all clear to continue on.

The show went on and it was spectacular! The guys were thrilled that they were able to pull it off, and the audience loved them! Next week, we’ll get to see the after party! Are you as excited as we are? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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Photo and Video Credit: Oxygen

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