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Ghost Hunters Recap: Paranormal Inferno

September 19, 2012 09:28 PM by Ryan Haidet

Tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters took the TAPS team to the site of a tragic crime from June 24, 1973.  On that night, an arsonist set the Jimani Lounge in New Orleans on fire.  As a result, 32 men died and very few were able to escape.  The person who ignited the blaze reportedly committed suicide.  The owner of the location was only 12 when the fire happened under his father’s ownership.  According to the TAPS team, many of the victims of the inferno were members of the gay community.  For that reason, many people didn’t pay much attention to the fatal fire — some families were reportedly even too embarrassed to claim their own dead.  This deadly crime has resulted in a pounding of paranormal activity.  Some claim seeing burned bodies while others have spotted orbs, shadows and flashes of light.  What was the TAPS team able to find?

Adam’s One-On-One With The Ghosts

Once the investigation started, Adam took some time alone to talk with the spirits upstairs because, being gay himself, he felt like he had a lot in common with the fire’s victims.  “I know that the fire, the one that you died in, is not talked about a lot,” he said to the empty space.  “We’re here to actually shed light on what happened and talk about it and tell the world.  I wanted to come up here because I thought you might find me easier to talk to because… because I’m gay and the men that died here were gay.  So they’ve sent me in here alone to see if you could just communicate with me and maybe let me know that you are still here.  If you’re in here, would you mind shaking my hand?”

Although Adam didn’t have any direct contact with the paranormal, Amy joined him on the second floor where many of the victims had perished.  “Hello…” she shouted.  No answer.

Meanwhile, other members of the team were capturing strange voices and sounds on audio recorders throughout different parts of the building.  As Steve and Tango were trying to talk with the spirits on the second floor, the readings on their EMF detectors were changing rapidly.  They were hyped up about it because the readings would climb up each time they brought up the arsonist.

More Locations

The TAPS team moved their investigation to two other locations connected to those who died in the Jimani Lounge fire — a mortuary and a cemetery where many of the unidentified bodies from the fire may have been buried.  While they did have some strange things happen, they were able to rule many of them out as proof of the paranormal with a perfectly understandable explanation.  It was a nice change of pace from some of the other recent episodes we’ve seen with them way overdoing their exaggerations of the possible reasons behind what was going on.

Evidence Review

After scouring through all the video and audio they captured during their investigation, the TAPS team did have one strange voice on their hands.  During the reveal of their evidence with the Jimani Lounge’s owner, they played the quiet audio clip they felt was saying, “Too late.”  Strangely, the owner didn’t seem too thrilled with that EVP, but did agree that there is definitely something paranormal happening.

After two extremely frustratingly phony episodes, this is by far the best of the season.  It held an overall creepy vibe and the TAPS investigators weren’t totally annoying with their corny explanations for strange occurrences.  It felt like the old times on the show that initially had me so excited to watch it.  More importantly, it brought the discussion of homosexuality into the forefront.  I applaud Adam, who recently married his boyfriend, for openly discussing his personal lifestyle as a gay man and it was all shed in a positive light.  Hopefully next week will be just as good as this episode.  I’m hoping the tease that said the TAPS team captures some of the best evidence ever actually pays off.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you convinced they captured proof of the paranormal?  Now that we’re three episodes into this season, what are your thoughts so far now that Grant Wilson is no longer a part of the show?  Do you believe in ghosts?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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