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Marysol Patton Dishes on Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami

September 20, 2012 12:00 PM by Shayla Perry

With her marriage now over and her mother still as um… outspoken as ever, PR Maven, Marysol Patton, doesn’t have to look very far for drama. In an exclusive interview with Reality TV Magazine, The Real Housewives of Miami star gets us caught up with what she’s been doing since the show last ended, her thoughts on the new ‘wives, and the “over the top” character that sets RHOM apart from the other shows in the Bravo franchise (and no, it’s not Mama Elsa!)

RTVM: It’s been a long time! What have you been up to since fans last saw you in Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Miami?

Marysol Patton: I’ve been working at my PR firm, The Patton Group; we’ve been very busy. I’ve split with my husband, and you know…hangin’ out with my mom, that kind of thing. Nothing monumental.


RTVM: What lessons from the first season did you take with you going into Season 2?

Marysol Patton: I think Season 1 I was very hesitant and very careful about being myself. I’m kind of a little silly and I like to joke around, and I felt like I was gonna be under a microscope by my clients or potential clients, so I wasn’t myself. In my interviews, I was more guarded. Now, I’m like, more loose and myself.


RTVM: What do you think sets the Miami cast and show apart from the others in the Housewives franchise?

Marysol Patton: I think that we actually have a city that’s a character of its own. It’s just so over the top. There’s ocean everywhere and beautiful homes…. There’s beautiful homes in many places, but a lot of the homes we see in the other  cities, they’re massive, but they’re not on the oceanfront with all of the boating and the beautiful cars.

With the cast, there’s a really big age gap. We have a 29-year-old and we have a woman that’s in her very, very late 50s;  chunk of us are in our 40s. So, [there's] that, and I think they’re all really beautiful. All of them are gorgeous.


RTVM: How do you think the new wives have changed the dynamic of the group?

Marysol Patton: In so many ways. We’re all so different, but so similar in so many ways. Different because we’re different ages, we have very different backgrounds, different relationship statuses, but at the same time, we’re all kind of going through our own personal battles just like everybody else. They bring a lot of feistiness, a lot of sexiness, and drama…tears… It runs the gamut of emotions.


RTVM: Do you think the fact that RHOM has more “professionals” on the cast makes for less cattiness and drama?

Marysol Patton: I think there’s other professional women on the other shows as well, but not as many as a group. I think that – at least with some of my girlfriends – I enjoy my conversations with them because I think they’re a little more witty, because they’re a little more intellectual, because they’re constantly mentally stimulated because they’re always reading and they’re always working… It’s a little bit different.


RTVM: In one word, describe each of the new Miami Housewives.

Marysol Patton: Ana [Quincoces] is intelligent. Lisa [Hochstein] is fun. Joanna [Krupa] is sexy, and Karent [Sierra] is complicated.


RTVM: How is your mother, Mama Elsa, doing?

Marysol Patton: She’s doing great; wonderful.


RTVM: Has the fame from the show changed her at all, or is she the same Mama Elsa she’s always been?

Marysol Patton: No, no… Nothing’s changed her. She’s always been the same. She’s always been a person that gets a lot of attention from celebrities and it’s always been a world that we’ve kind of circulated in, so I don’t think it’s any different for her.

Catch Marysol, Mama Elsa, and the other Miami Housewives in an all new season of The Real Housewives of Miami, Thursdays at 9|8c on Bravo.

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