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Project Runway Recap: Rockettes On The Runway!

September 20, 2012 08:24 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The big excitement this week on Project Runway is that the contestants will be designing outfits for the Rockettes! We’re kinda wondering how that will pan out, seeing as the Rockettes, while amazing, are not exactly high fashion prospects. Then again, we get to see Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn try their hand (or should we say, legs?) at line dancing, so all is not lost.

The field trip of the week is…Radio City! Tim Gunn takes the contestants there to watch the Rockettes (and Heidi) dance. Nobody’s paying attention to the dancing though — all they can think about is what a nice pair of legs Heidi has. Dmitry looks like he’s in heaven.

The contestants still aren’t paying attention when the performance is over and they are introduced to Rockette choreographer Linda Haberman. Linda had the privilege of working with Bob Fosse, and while that would impress the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, the stars of Project Runway could care less.

Tim warns the designers that they’ll need to capture the “sophistication” of the Rockettes while giving them a modern aesthetic. Modern Rockettes? Sounds like an oxymoron to us. This group is quagmired in old traditions, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, we highly doubt “modern” costumes would fit the dance style they’re going for.

Dmitry thinks he has a leg up (pun intended) on the competition, as he has plenty of experience in the dance world. True, Dmitry, but you were a male ballroom dancer. It’s a bit different. Still, we’re rooting for Dmitry, simply because he’s not Ven. That guy is sooo annoying that he’ll clearly have to be in the finale. There has to be someone obnoxious in the final episode! Today, Ven’s big complaint is that he can’t find the right crystals. Boo hoo.

Mood is dominated by Ven’s complaining, but other big highlight is a very stressed out Elena. She spends enough on sequins to outfit the entire cast of Toddlers and Tiaras. And she gets even stressed out when she learns that, instead of working like crazy on the costumes, all the designers will be attending a dinner with Tim.

Typically, a fancy dinner would indicate some sort of awful bomb dropped by good ol’ Tim Gunn, but that’s apparently not the case tonight. All that happens is that Ven loosens up under the influence of alcohol and tells everyone how his older siblings are responsible for his nasty attitude.

Stress levels are high as the designers finish their costumes. Elena’s looks more like a cheerleader outfit than a Rockette costume. Tim thinks it could use a baton. Even worse is Melissa’s design, which includes a whopping 18 patterns.

Tim is unhappy (aka disgusted) with all of the outfits and sends the contestants back to Mood for an emergency shopping spree.  Ven is (predictably) pissed, and Dmitry and Fabio aren’t particularly pleased either.

Next, we get a surprising show of generosity from the contestants. Christopher offers Melissa $50 for Mood. Fabio help out with Melissa’s broken zipper and Ven (gasp) even volunteers his assistance. Aww, how sweet. Everyone wants to play the gallant knight for poor Melissa.

The judges this week are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Debra Messing. They haven’t been particularly clear regarding what they want from the costumes, so it will be interesting to see their reactions (especially after Tim Gunn’s earlier panic attack!).

Dmitry used his dance experience to his full advantage. While the costume definitely looks more ballroom than Rockette, we suspect it’s a lot better than some of the atrocities we’re about to see.

Melissa’s costume isn’t as bad as we thought it would be, but it does have the number ’1′ awkwardly sitting front and center in black sequins. Debra Messing’s cool with it though…because it has sparkles.

Not much to say about Ven’s design except that it’s boring. But we’re sure it’s not his fault. He has older siblings to take the blame!

Elena tried her best, but the costume looks tacky. Michael Kors compares it to a Las Vegas cheerleader. Ouch.

Christopher has a winner (or at least runner-up) with his unique design. No wonder he offered to help Melissa — he has a talent for costume design!

Sonjia’s outfit is, surprisingly, even worse than Melissa’s. Big, blue and ugly.

Fabio has a neat costume, but it doesn’t really matter, because he’s safe.

Christopher wins the prize for best costume, but that’s not really the surprise of the night. The big shocker is (drumroll)…Ven is out! Tim says that this should be a wake-up call for the designers, as nobody was expecting Ven to get the boot. Talk about a nice surprise!

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