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The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Who’s Telling Lies?

September 20, 2012 07:08 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Miami is all new tonight on Bravo.  Karent doesn’t believe that her soap opera boyfriend would dare be unfaithful to her. But does another housewife have the texts to prove Karent wrong?

Alexia stops by Ana’s house to chat about the ladies night out. First off, we learn that Mama Elsa is doing fine and was more worried about her hair looked when she hit the floor.  The gossip starts when Ana says that Karent was “sizing her up.”  The girls think that Karent wasn’t comfortable with any of the ladies talking to her man, especially Ana.

Like a scene straight from a soap opera, Karent and her man are covered in rose petals and are getting  massages. Instead of relaxing, Karent stars questioning her man about putting a ring on her finger.  Rodolfo blows her off and then falls asleep, or at least pretends to be sleeping.

“I’m basically his bitch,” is how Lisa explains her relationship with her husband.  Lisa doesn’t have a real job, but she takes care of her man.  Since Lenny is the Boob God of Miami she feels it’s important that she decorates his office with plenty of sexy pictures of herself.  Lisa wants to remind her hubby that the best boobs are at home.

Then we get an annoying episode of three’s company with Joanna, her boyfriend and her sister.  We learn Marta is an expiring actress and when she isn’t working she just hangs out at Joanna’s house.  While Roman is trying to get in the shower Marta accidently walks in on him and sees his naked body.   Joanna doesn’t seem to freaked out by the situation, but is slightly jealous because she hasn’t seen her man’s penis in a long time.  “What’s sex again?” Joanna jokes to the cameras.

It’s a double date with Adriana, Lisa and their men.  Adriana is looking at other people’s yachts to get ideas for her ”fixer upper”.  Lisa just can’t comprehend how anyone could live on a boat and guarantees that Adriana is going to hate it!  As Adriana is trying to convince herself living on a boat is a good idea, everyone knows it will be disastrous.

Adriana stops by to check on how Mama Elsa is feeling.  Mama Elsa is back to her crazy self and starts telling Adriana that she shouldn’t marry Fredrick.  Since her first marriage failed, Adriana is frightened to fully love anyone again. Plus, who wants to live on a crappy boat?

“People don’t get you,” Karent’s publicist tells her.  Who knew that a dentist in Miami needs a PR rep?  But if you want celebrity clients at your practice, you need to go to the right events.

After five years Joanna is pushing her fiance to finally tie the knot.  While Roman calls it a “contract” Joanna calls it a “commitment.”  Joanna thinks Roman loves her, but she feels something isn’t right between them.  On the other hand, Fredrick is ready to get married to Adriana tomorrow.  Adriana decides to wait to see how the boat turns out – good call!

It’s another food and wine event in Miami, so all the ladies are in attendance.  “She is not nice,” is how Lisa feels when Lea snubs her - again!  Is Lea jealous of Lisa? To cause drama, Adriana pulls Karent aside to tell her all the ladies are talking about her relationship with Rodolfo.  This is where Karent shares she knows that Ana likes her man.  Check out the clip from the party:

The drama heats up when Ana shares that Rodolfo messages her on Facebook.  “I don’t stoop to that level,” Karent tells Ana about her comments. Karent doesn’t seemed phased at all and tells everyone that Rodolfo responds to all his soap fans.  But Ana assures us that she is not a crazed fan!  

Tune in next week when Joanna relationship turns from rocky to explosive.  How are you liking this new season of The Real Housewives Of Miami?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

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Photo and video courtesy of Bravo

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