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Basketball Wives L.A. Recap: How Many Basketball Wives Does It Take To Calm The Crazy?

September 24, 2012 09:00 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on VH1‘s Basketball Wives L.A., newcomer Brooke Bailey experienced some drama when Draya Michele refused to share a photo shoot with her. Also, Malaysia Pargo invited Jackie Christie to Gloria Govan‘s taste testing party, shocking the rest of the Basketball Wives L.A. cast. Laura Govan went out of her way to embarrass Jackie but still reached out to her later, because she is like a “foot fungus” that Laura must scratch. This week, several of the ‘wives’ attempt to gauge and/or calm Jackie’s crazy.

While Draya, Malaysia, and Laura shop, they talk about everyone’s favorite subject.. Jackie. Draya says she’s cool with Jackie, if she checks the crazy at the door. Despite the ongoing issues with Jackie, Malaysia is eager for some “fun sh*t” this summer. Draya is totally on board with that plan… unless it includes skydiving.

Jackie still hasn’t come to terms with Chantel’s move. Jackie absolutely cannot wrap her brain around missing Chantel’s birthday. Doug says to Jackie, “It’s not about you.” Oblivious… Jackie continues to fret over Chantel being out on her own, possibly kissing boys, and she admits she tried to get access to Chantel’s phone records. David says when he talks to Chantel, he simply tells her he loves and misses her. Jackie asks David if he ever tells Chantel to come back home. He says no. Jackie asks David if he will tell her that. Again, he says no. Jackie vows to bring her back.

Brooke doesn’t feel a “vibe” with Malaysia, so she invites her to lunch. Malaysia tells Brooke that she’s friends with Bambi…

Oddly, Brooke never mentions Bambi’s high levels of shimmer.

Back to Jackie.. Jackie and Doug remarry every year on their anniversary. This year, they want to dedicate their wedding to the gay and lesbian community. They check out a local nightclub that provides a disco ball, indoor pool, and naughty room. Obviously, everyone knows Jackie and Doug have a huge following, so their wedding is sure to bring awareness to… gay marriage rights.

Draya, Malaysia, and Laura meet to <surprise> talk about Jackie. Draya admits she wants to talk to Jackie, to get a feel for her current level of crazy, and Laura admits that she did meet with Jackie already.

Laura says it went well. Laura warns, “crazy people don’t change.” No amount of bullying or shunning is going to change Jackie. Laura basically says the group needs to either embrace Jackie’s crazy or encourage her to see a therapist to calm the “hamster” inside her head.

Draya decides to reach out to Jackie… then report back to Gloria…

Meanwhile, Gloria needs to learn a ton of stuff in a very short amount of time for her upcoming role. Gloria enlists Draya’s help for pole and lap dancing. Gloria is shocked to learn how hard it is. She tips her hat to all the strippers who tackle the pole on a daily basis. Gloria is positive that lap dancing is going to be harder than weapons training.

Gloria is caught off guard when Draya flirts with her. Draya says she would love to get Gloria “out of her element.”

In other Jackie news (why isn’t this show titled The Jackie Show?), Chantel  tells her mom she’s coming back to L.A. Of course, Jackie is ecstatic. Then, Jackie asks Chantel if she will be her maid of honor, which will require her to travel back sooner. Jackie basically says, I understand if you have to work, but this is important and you need to be here. Chantel says yes.

While Malaysia and Jackie catch up, Malaysia offends Jackie when she refers to her as a “crackhead auntie.” Then, Draya calls and suggest Jackie have a pool party at her house. Draya makes a point to suggest “nice Jackie” be present… void of all sharp objects. Jackie says, “My head is spinning. I just decided I’m having a party at my house with people who cannot stand me.”

Draya brings her ‘Jackie report’ back to Gloria… minus about 50% of the crazy. Draya mentions Jackie’s upcoming wedding. Gloria promptly says, ‘No, thank you.” Draya tells Gloria how Jackie is “all into the gays now.” Draya adds, “I can see them loving her.. the drag queens.” Gloria adds, “Because she looks like one.”

Draya confirms to Gloria, Jackie didn’t say anything negative or malicious. Gloria doesn’t believe she has changed, and she doesn’t want “that” in her life. Just then, Jackie leaves a voice mail on Gloria’s phone, inviting her to her pool party. Even though the pool party was Draya’s idea, she’s mad because Jackie took charge of the invite. Draya says, “I’m going to piss in her pool.”

Is Draya trying to control too much? Who do you believe – Bambi or Brooke?

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Photo Credit: VH1

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