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Ghost Hunters Recap: A New Investigator Joins TAPS

September 26, 2012 07:37 PM by Ryan Haidet

A new investigator joined the TAPS team as tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters took the paranormal investigators to the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana.  At that location, many folks believe the place is haunted by Les, the man who transformed the park into what it is today.  “There’s certain places that you can feel his presence more,” one witness declared.  Another said that he could feel the man’s spirit right at that moment saying it was “palpable.”  Whether or not these people are being serious, the evidence revealed at the end of the hour wasn’t as compelling as the commercials were selling it to be.

Adding To The Team

Before the investigation kicked off, Jason officially promoted Adam to the role of investigator.  This threw me off a bit because I thought Adam was considered an investigator all along.  Didn’t you?  What was he considered before?  An intern?  Strange.  Up next, Jason introduced their newest member of the TAPS team — Ashley, a paranormal investigator out of California.  “I had a team that I was working with very closely and then Jason found me and he opened up membership for me to join,” she said.  “Luckily I got picked for it,” she said.  Despite having zero history with the TAPS team, everybody seemed to mesh extremely well with Ashley right off the bat.

Ashley got her feet wet alongside Tango as the investigation at the zoo officially kicked off.  Together, the two initiated an EVP session, which quickly turned into them challenging the spirit to make itself visible.  “Can you make the water splash?” Ashley asked.  Their wish was granted as the water below them sloshed around.  No ghost here.  Just an alligator popping its head out of the water.  Damn gator.

Chasing Noises

As Steve and Jason roamed around the property, they repeatedly claimed to hear a variety of strange noises all around them.  At one point, when they were investigating near the jaguar’s pen, Steve said the noise sounded like something concrete sliding across the ground.  Upon repeat replays of that moment, it was very hard to discern that strange noise.

Meanwhile, a very pregnant Amy was hearing noises of her own as she investigated with Ashley for the first time.  “Can you do anything?  You can move something, knock on something,” Amy said hoping something would happen.  Nothing did.

Eye Roll

As Britt and Adam worked together, something strange happened.  As Britt was kneeling down, he said he felt like he had just been touched.  Cue my eye roll.  I hate moments like this on the show.  These are people who freak out about bugs, spiders and bats, but getting touched by a spirit has them sitting calm and still.  I just don’t buy that claim ever on any ghost hunting show.  Ever.


Nearly all of the evidence they revealed at the end of the episode were audio clips — one of which made the client believe the spirit of Les was calling for his wife Lee Ann.  It sent chills down their backs.  That voice, if it is a voice, could have been determined as saying nearly anything though.  “My hand” or “The band” would have even fit with the way it sounded.  At the very end, they showcased a video clip of something walking by a camera, which they believed was one of the best pieces of evidence they’d ever captured.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Do you like the new investigator on the TAPS team?  Do you believe the evidence they captured was proof of the paranormal?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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3 Responses to “Ghost Hunters Recap: A New Investigator Joins TAPS”

  1. sandra Says:
    October 5th, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    Why hasn’t the 9/26/12 episode shown up on the demand channel. We missed recording it and thought we would catch on On Demand. Looked again tonight and it skipped 16 all together?

  2. Alison Says:
    February 13th, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    What happened to Ashley. My husband and I thought the show finally got some youthful energy. Did one of the wives complain? Is she gone and we are back to a controlled boring again?

  3. Qwerty Says:
    July 19th, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    Hey Allison gh cut her loose no reason. You don’t believe me…..ill explain to you the best I can why. But you have let me know if want to by posting a comment.
    It is up to you on that


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