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Survivor: Philippines Recap: Cuddling Threats

September 26, 2012 06:42 PM by Ryan Haidet

Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippines was saturated with so much rain and cold castaways that the effect had me nearly shivering on my sofa.  While trying to fight the cold nights, Malcolm and Angie became cuddle buddies, which ultimately made them a threat because others believed they were interested in more than cuddling.  Do we have another Boston Rob and Amber on our hands?

Strange Argument

At the Tandang tribe, RC accidentally stumbled upon a clue to the hidden Idol when she was making sure their rice wasn’t moldy.  After hiding the clue from Lisa, she shared the information with Abi-Maria.  While RC said she felt good about their alliance together, Abi-Maria said she wasn’t so sure they’re as tight as she thought.  Abi-Maria was worried that RC was getting way too close to Mike.  “I haven’t lied to you,” RC told Abi when the concern was discussed.  “You have no reason to think that I would lie to you.”  Abi warned her that if she screws her over that they are “done.”

Jonathan’s Victory

At Kalabaw, the tribe made a checkerboard in the sand, which was fun for everybody — except for Jonathan.  He was hoping they would leave camp for a while so he could start his search for the hidden Idol.  But when the rain got to be too much for them, Jonathan got his wish because the tribe rushed away to a nearby cave for cover from the weather.  When they were gone, Jonathan started his frantic search.  After nearly getting caught searching, Jonathan found the Idol when he realized it was the wooden topper to a container they were given at the start of the game.

Matsing Woes

The second time Malcolm and Angie started cuddling, Roxy put her plan in motion to get one of them out of the game.  She first went to Russell and made her push to vote Angie out when they got the opportunity.  Since she was his main ally, Russell agreed.  But the cuddle buddies weren’t the only issue Roxy was facing.  She really struggled with the constant rain as Mother Nature’s fury brought tears to her eyes in front of the entire tribe.  When the sun finally came out, Roxy soaked up the warm rays on the beach as she whispered to God.

Lisa The Outsider

At Tandang, Lisa was struggling with the social aspect of the game.  As her tribemates were talking about their favorite foods, she decided to walk away to spend some time alone because of her introverted, shy nature.  Although she literally just went in the woods to sit quietly by the water well, everybody else thought Lisa had rushed away to go look for the Idol.  They thought she was acting way too sneaky.  “I’m already on the outside and don’t really have somebody that I can trust or talk to,” Lisa cried in confessional.  “I’ve been on my own since I was 12, you know, when I moved to California to be on the Mickey Mouse Club and I left my family.”

Close Competition

Although the combined Reward/Immunity challenge was a close battle, Tandang wound up coming in first place.  Along with Immunity, they were rewarded with blankets, pillows and a tarp.  Kalabaw, which finished in second, also took home Immunity and a tarp.  Having come in last place, Matsing once again found themselves facing Trical Council — and Russell was pissed.  He immediately went on a motivational rant about how everybody on his team needs to pull their heads out of the butts.

Stuck In The Middle

Denise found herself stuck in the middle of two alliances at the Matsing tribe: Russell/Roxy and Malcolm/Angie.  One side wanted her to vote Roxy out.  The other side was pushing for her to vote Angie out.  When it came time for Tribal Council, the majority voted against Roxy and sent her packing.  But she didn’t go down without a fight.  Before the votes were made, Roxy argued that Angie and Malcolm were going to become a power couple that will be hard to split the longer they last in the game.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Roxy was voted out or would you rather have seen Ashley’s torch snuffed out?  Do you think Matsing will be able to pull themselves out of their losing streak?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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