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The Voice: Cassadee, Sylvia, Charlie And Amanda Discuss Their “Tranquilizing” Experiences

September 26, 2012 11:51 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Last night’s episode of The Voice was an impressive one! Following all the excitement, contestants Charlie Rey, Sylvia Yacoub, Cassadee Pope and Amanda Brown took some time to share their reactions during a media conference. All four singers were thrilled to be featured on The Voice – but they also felt extremely nervous. Which contestant described the experience as “tranquilizing?”

The Voice blind auditions offer contestants the opportunity to show off their vocal skills without being judged for their looks. But we thought that Sylvia, Cassadee, Amanda and Charlie were all stunning on both a physical and vocal level! It turns out that they are also genuinely kind people, as they proved during a recent press interview:

Charlie, how did it feel to get the recognition of screaming girls? Were you nervous?

It’s a cool feeling. It makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel like you’re worth something…That was my first show of that size and that caliber. Before that it had mostly been coffee shops…You could say I was a little nervous.

Sylvia, why did you choose Christina and what are you looking for her to do?

I grew up listening to her a lot and she’s been a huge musical influence. I tried not to be biased when I heard all the arguments but Christina had the best argument on how to deal with nerves. I thought she had the most to offer me in terms of singing and performing advice.

Cassadee, is your band taking a break?

We’re on a hiatus. We didn’t want to say we broke up because we didn’t know if later on we would want to work together. We’re all doing our own thing right now.

Cassadee, how important is the judges’ pitch when they all turn around?

I went into it thinking “Please let one chair turn around.” When all three did I thought “What if Cee Lo turns around?” because I thought that would never happen. I thought that he was the right choice for me; he kinda let everyone do their own thing and gave them the freedom that they need…But it’s crazy — I can’t believe all four of them turned around. It’s nuts!

How does social networking influence your experience?

Charlie: It’s a great feeling to be able to connect with fans…it really makes it nice for us as artists to be connected…keep them updated with what’s coming up next.

Amanda: It opens up a new realm of interaction between the artist and the people that listen to your music. So yeah, it’s all positive.

Sylvia, what was it like performing in front of Christina and realizing she wanted you for her team?

I would say it was the most exciting and tranquilizing moment of my life. I was so nervous to go up there and sing in front of her. And when she turned around…that meant so much. I was honored that all three of those coaches turned, but Christina…it was all such a blur. I was so happy.

Cassaddee, have you had feedback from other contestants of The Voice? What about from the members of your band?

I got great feedback from the contestants and also from my teammates…during my time with everyone before we started shooting the blind auditions I was just as nervous as the next person who has never played on stage before with a band. I got calls and texts from the members of my band and they were all so supportive.

Between Sylvia, Cassadee, Amanda, Charlie and all the others, there is some serious talent on this season of The Voice! It’s great to hear that the contestants are having a wonderful experience thus far. We can’t wait to hear more from them on future episodes!

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Photo Credit: NBC

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