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Top Chef Masters Recap: A Top Chef Master Is Crowned

September 26, 2012 09:41 PM by Veronica Dudo

The time has come to select the master chef on this season of Top Chef Masters. For weeks the chefs have been battling it out in the kitchen on the Bravo reality TV cooking competition. Only two chefs remain in the finale: Kerry Heffernan and Chris Cosentino. Who is the master chef? Keep reading to find out!

Along with bragging rights, the chefs are competing for prizes and money that will be donated to their charities. The show is based in Las Vegas and all of the chefs put their luck to the test. The rotating judges include Krista Simmons, Francis Lam, Ruth Reichl and James Oseland.

For the season finale, the final two chefs have 24 hours and the help of their most trusted staff from their very own restaurants back home to create a dish based on four letters: a love letter, an apology, a thank you and a letter to themselves.

Host Curtis Stone reveals the surprise–both chefs will get help from a special staff member from their very own restaurants! After deciding on their dishes, the chefs dash off to the store to buy the food items to start cooking.

On the eve of their last meal on Top Chef Masters, Chris and Kerry are treated to dinner. At a sweet suite 70 floors up in the air with a sweeping view of the strip at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas Chris and Kerry are treated to dinner cooked by Curtis Stone. The three chefs talk about their experiences in the culinary industry and reminisce about the competition.

The next day, Chris and Kerry are nervous since $100,000 is on the line for their charities. After running around with their helpers, both chef’s serve their dishes to a table of the culinary world’s most respected food critics.

Chris’ bold and tasty dishes are a topic of conversation at the critics table and very different from Kerry’s refined yet delicious dishes. Some food critics like Chris’ masterpieces while others praise Kerry’s creations.

Chris and Kerry are very anxious heading into the critics table. After tasting the dishes and hearing feedback from fellow food critics at the dinner, the judges reveal the winner. Chris Cosentino is the season four winner of Top Chef Masters. In the end, it was Chris’ blood sausage dish with an egg and poached oysters that wowed the food critics. Curtis Stone also announces that throughout the season, Chris has raised $141,000 for the Michael J. Fox foundation.

What do you think of Chris Cosentino’s win? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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3 Responses to “Top Chef Masters Recap: A Top Chef Master Is Crowned”

  1. XwhyZee Says:
    September 27th, 2012 at 8:15 am

    I truly enjoyed watching the finale of TopChefMasters-infact, I got tearyeyed when Mr. Cosentino won. He deserves it and I was just as happy for Kerry to be the contender. I thought it is fair if they called it a TIE since each chef were so different and well deserving!!!
    On the other hand, what really got me choked up was the fact that ALL these CHEFESTANTS played their hearts out,sacrifice time off running their restaurants and family, just to raise awareness + money for their charities. That, in itself, is what GOOD People are made of. Really heartwarming.

  2. YBunHppy Says:
    September 27th, 2012 at 10:15 am

    I LUV watching TopChefMaster finale last nite!!
    Was hoping that the twist would have been a TIE since both chefs Cosentino & Hefferman were both deserving.
    What really was touching was the fact that these cheftestants have taken time off from their business and their families to sign up for the entertaining show just to play-to-earn money for their charities. It’s inspiring at the highest form.

  3. Becca Says:
    September 29th, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Once again you have chosen a candidate that I feel was not the right one. I think Chris is obnoxious and full of himself and have never liked watching him. I unfortunately KNEW you would choose him because of that. Sorry I am not going to watch your program for awhile it is very disappointing.


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