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Chris Brown Tests Positive For Pot

September 27, 2012 04:00 PM by Gina Hall

Breaking news: An R&B singer tested positive for marijuana use. The singer is Chris Brown, famous for beating up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, who is famous for being a pretty good performer. So what are the repercussions for the “American Idol” guest star?

YourTango.com reported that although Chris Brown has fullfilled his community service hours in Virginia, Superior Court Judge, Patricia Schnegg mentioned that the details of the case were “somewhat cryptic.”

On Monday, Chris Brown was in court in Los Angeles, and it was revealed that he failed a drug test for weed in June in Virginia. In his defense, he produced a medical marijuana card, so the failed drug test might not have much of an impact, according to the report.

Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg told Chris, “You are not an average person who can sit in their living room and do what you want to do.”


If I’m reading that correctly, the highly educated judge essentially said, “You [Chris Brown] are not an average person who can sit in their living room [average people’s living rooms?] and do what you [Chris Brown] want to do.”

Well, he certainly can’t do what he wants in my living room, but what does that has to do with Chris Brown’s dope-smoking is “somewhat cryptic.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Rihanna tweeted him her support. Here is what she tweeted: “@chrisbrown I’m praying for you and wishing u the best today!”

Maybe Rihanna forgot that Brown beat the snot out of her. Isn’t memory loss one of the side effects of smoking pot? Maybe Rihanna has been using a medical marijuana card, too?

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