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Breaking Amish Recap: Drunken Sobs, Make Out Sessions, And Pole Dances

September 30, 2012 11:55 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Last week on TLC‘s Breaking Amish, Abe and Rebecca made plans for their first date, Jeremiah got a tattoo, and Kate pursued modeling. This week, alcohol seems to be the theme of the week, which leads to drunken sobs, make out sessions, and pole dances.

Rebecca shares that it’s common for Amish young adults to have their teeth pulled in favor of dentures. Sadly, the procedure is brutal, done by untrained dentists with the use of a rusty tool. Rebecca’s ill-fitting dentures cause her many issues, including blistered gums, so she meets with a dentist in New York City. Rebecca learns that new dentures will cost nearly $3000, which she cannot afford, but the NY dentist generously offers to gift them to Rebecca.

Kate and Jeremiah go out for drinks… they’re “drinking buddies.” Kate gets trashed, and Jeremiah “drags her a** home.”

Sabrina wants to learn more about the Puerto Rican culture, so she walks the streets of New York City… in the rain. She yells “hey” at strangers and asks them where she can find the nearest Puerto Rican neighborhood. Most of the New Yorkers either ignore her or laugh at her.  Someone finally takes pity on Sabrina and directs her in the right direction. After her first subway experience, Sabrina  finds the neighborhood she’s looking for and stumbles into a job interview at a restaurant.

Not only does Sabrina get hired on the spot, but the owners also take her out on the town for new hair and clothes. Sabrina “spazzes” out over the hair and makeup. When it’s all done, she says, “I felt beautiful, and I’ve never really felt that way before.” Next up – shopping for English clothes. Sabrina says, ‘”This is, like, the best job interview ever.”

Jeremiah returns to Queens for his second driving lesson. Jeremiah has a new instructor, so he needs to set some ground rules before they begin. He demands, “I get to look at chicks.”

Rebecca and Abe go on their first date. We learn that Rebecca completed 8th grade, which is as good as it gets in most Amish communities, but Abe only finished 5th grade or 4th grade. The couple asks their cab driver to bring them to the best Mexican restaurant in the city… but they end up at a Chinese place. Nevertheless, they have a great time together. Abe thinks Rebecca is the “hottest girl in New York City.”

Sabrina returns to the hotel room to show off her new look. Jeremiah says Sabrina looks hot. Then, going over board, Jeremiah warns Sabrina he’s suffering from a “headache” in his pants. Just… ick… he’s so weird.

Jeremiah, Sabrina, and Kate go to a bar. Surprise, surprise. After a few drinks, Kate starts to cry and cry and cry some more. Sabrina claims Kate’s emotions are constantly up and down.

Later, Sabrina complains because Kate locks herself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Inside the bathroom, Kate talks to her “Kate Cam.” She goes on and on about “Crazy Kate.” She says, “I love being crazy. People better get ready [for Crazy Kate]. It’s fun… I can finally be crazy, and there are things I really want to do.” Next, Kate looks at the camera and whispers/chants “Finally. Finally. Finally.” It’s Blair Witch Project levels of creepy.

“Crazy Kate” goes out with Jeremiah and Sabrina. The trio ends up at a bar that has a stripper pole, and Crazy Kate tests it out. Jeremiah jokes, “I don’t think it’s her first time.” Kate defends herself and says, “I’ve never been a stripper or anything, these are just my natural talents.”

Meanwhile, Abe, Rebecca, and Sabrina enjoy a game of bowling. Sabrina suggests that they address Kate’s constant mood swings, intervention style. They all agree that Kate ping pongs between too happy, too sad, pissed off, and “lala land.” But, Abe thinks Kate’s simply a “Miss Perfect” who thinks she’s better than everyone else.

Kate reveals to her “Kate Cam” that she doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore. She says, “Every time we go out, there’s some kind of drama. I don’t really feel like I fit in with them.”  Seems like Kate is responsible for most of the drama… stay tuned.

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