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Face Off 3 Recap: One Contestant Rises From The Dead In Monster Twist

October 03, 2012 10:49 AM by Ryan Haidet

With only six contestants left in the competition, Face Off welcomed a monster twist to the competition.  “Today’s challenge could potentially change someone’s life,” host McKenzie Westmore said before revealing that all of the formerly eliminated makeup artists — except for quitter Joe — were back to compete for a shot back in the game.  Ah, ripping a twist right from Survivor.  Appropriately, the theme for the redemption-style Foundation Challenge was based on Day of the Dead since one of the five ousted artists would rise from the grave and be given new life in the competition.  Which ousted artist resurrected their life and returned to the battle?  Dive inside to find out more and to see close-up shots of all the finished makeups!

Patrick Tatopoulos returned to the show to judge the Foundation Challenge in which he chose Nicole as the winner.  With her victory, the pink-haired makeup artist found herself back in the running for the grand prize.  The remaining contestants welcomed Nicole back into the competition with open arms as they prepared to start the Spotlight Challenge.

While I’m happy Nicole is back in the competition, I’ve never been a big fan of redemption twists.  It simply isn’t fair for somebody who has been eliminated for a lengthy period of time to come back in at a chance for the full prize.  Don’t you agree?

Heart Of A Child

For the competition, the contestants were teamed up with aspiring child artists who had each drawn their own unique monster sketch.  “Your Spotlight Challenge this week is to turn one of those sketches into a bonafide movie monster makeup,” McKenzie said.  After each contestant was selected by the children, they spent 30 minutes together to discuss the story behind their monster.

Unlike last episode’s main challenge, I totally dig this one.  It was a simple, cool concept that wasn’t only used to promote an upcoming video game or movie.  It allowed for a wide range of strange, cartoonish concepts.

Prior to the big reveal of each finished makeup, judge Neville Page stopped by the lab to offer up some advice on the second day.  The most notable thing here was what he told Rod.  Just as judge Ve Neill had done a few challenges ago, Neville suggested he change his sculpture since it was very reminiscent of things he had created previously.  But instead of restarting with a new sculpture, Rod continued down the path he started because he felt it was the only way to stay true to the story the child artist had created.

The Big Reveal

Considering how wacky some of the kids’ concepts were, I think the final makeups turned out — for the most part — extremely colorful, goofy and imaginative.  It really was using the imagination to create the creepy monsters lurking inside their heads.  The transformations weren’t the best I’ve ever seen on this monster-sized talent show, but they were fun nonetheless simply because of the motivation behind each piece.

Prior to hearing the judges’ critiques, Glenn Hetrick started out by saying they all vastly disagreed on the final makeups.

Deemed immediately safe in the middle of the pack without any official criticism from the judges:

Nicole: I actually quite dig this one.  It looks like something a little kid would create in their mind of what a monster would be like.


Best makeups:

Laura: “I think you did a fabulous job because you addressed everything,” Neville said.  Ve liked it a lot as well.  Ultimately, she was named the winner of the entire challenge because her creation best represented the child-like motivation for the challenge.  While I understand how the judges thought she grasped the concept well, I didn’t really care for the finished product.  Her creature seemed very blocky and like a costume you’d want to rent as a goof.  Plus, it felt like a close rip off of something from Disney’s “Monsters Inc.” movie.

Roy: Glenn didn’t seem too excited about the makeup, but Ve and Neville both totally dug it.  In fact, Neville said he “loved” it.

Worst makeups

Alana: Judge Glenn Hetrick started out “I actually really like this makeup this week,” he told Alana.  Ve disagreed and said the same-old paint job was uninteresting.  Neville thought the nose didn’t work well and said the paint job was the aspect that was “killing” it.

Derek: “It’s not quite finished,” Neville said.  “It’s not polished enough.”  On the flip side, Glenn really liked it and praised the idea behind the creature’s beak.

Rod: “I actually like the whole design of this,” Ve said.  “I think you did a great job.”  Neville, however, disagreed.  “There’s almost nothing I like about this.”  He warned Rod that he needed to step away from the constant similar sculpture.  In the end, Rod was the person eliminated from the competition because they disliked his work the most.  “We feel like we keep seeing the same things from you,” Glenn said.  I’m not gonna lie, this was a major bummer to see Rod get the big ol’ boot.  I think he is way more talented than many of the other contestants left in the competition.  I was actually hoping the final three would come down to Rod, Roy and Laura because I believe they are all the most deserving.  Admittedly, I do think this finished facial makeup looks extremely similar to several other creations Rod had worked on earlier in the season (see some of those below).

Some of Rod’s former creations:

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Did you like the concept of the challenge?  Are you happy Nicole is back in the competition?  Who do you think deserves to win the entire season?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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One Response to “Face Off 3 Recap: One Contestant Rises From The Dead In Monster Twist”

  1. Rdale Says:
    October 3rd, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    Sorry to see Rod go, but maybe he can nurse that carpal tunnel now. I think that they went the right way with Laura over Roy this week – It really looked like the creation of a child’s mind.

    I think Laura and Roy are the ones to beat in the finals. The third slot? I will go with Derek, though he’s wildly inconsistent. He’ll be on top one time, and get nearly booted the next. Maybe Sarah would be my alternate for third.

    And, how about it for the ladies, seeing as they are in the majority of artists left!


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