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Ghost Hunters Recap: Freaky Fort

October 03, 2012 07:24 PM by Ryan Haidet

As their search for spirits continues, the TAPS team traveled to Fort Ontario in upstate New York, on tonight’s episode of Ghost Hunters.  The fort, which was built in 1755, served an important purpose in WWII by providing sanctuary for Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust.  “This was the only place in the United States that there was a shelter,” the president of the Safe Haven Museum said.  Prior to that, many died there in bloody battles dating back to the French and Indian War.  For those reasons, many witnesses believe the location is haunted by those who lost their lives there.  Were they able to capture any compelling paranormal evidence?

Communicating Spirit

Jason and Steve started out inside the building where several people claimed to see a full-bodied apparition.  Suddenly, the duo heard unexplained footsteps.  “We think we can hear you walking around,” Steve said.  “I’m going to make a loud sound.  Can you make a sound similar to this?”  As we’ve seen in the past, something made a knocking sound as if answering Steve’s request.  It just sounded like something muffled in the distance.  Jason determined the sound came from down the stairs below him, so he walked down and continued questioning the entity.  When more sounds echoed after his questions, Steve was psyched because he felt like the spirit was trying to interact with them.  As they prepared to walk away from that spot, they noticed a nearby door tried to open.  “There’s nothing in here,” Jason said bewildered.  They tried multiple methods to recreate the moment in an effort to debunk the moment, but weren’t able to do it.  Steve compared the creepy door movement to something you only see in the movies.

Spirit Of A Child

Amy and Adam walked around the building when they claimed to hear the voice of a child yelling out.  “That gives me chills,” Adam said after realizing they had just looked at the grave of a 1-year-old.  “Come closer to us and talk,” Amy said.  “It’s OK.  We’re here to listen.”  She grabbed Adam and said she saw something about 3 feet tall dart around in the dark.  “I hear, like, voices,” Amy continued.  She thought this was proof the entity they were dealing with was definitely intelligent because it seemed to be playing with them.

An Eerie EVP Session

Britt and K.J. were also hearing strange sounds inside, so they left an audio recorder upstairs and walked back down to conduct an EVP.  When Britt asked a question, a very audible sound — almost like a high-pitched child’s voice — chirped something in response.  “Something cried out trying to communicate with us!” K.J. exclaimed.  “This place freaks me out,” Britt said.  Excited by what they just heard, the guys walked upstairs and replayed the EVP to try and determine what exactly the voice was saying.  It was actually pretty cool.

Later on in the investigation, Britt and K.J. went outside where they repeatedly claimed to see little beings running around.

During the big reveal of all the evidence, the guys showcased one EVP of a deep voice that sounded as if it was speaking in another language.  In the end, I was really pleased with this episode.  Both of the EVP audio recordings were really creepy and compelling.

What are your thoughts on the episode?  Do you believe any of the evidence they captured is concrete evidence pointing toward the existence of paranormal activity?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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