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Survivor: Philippines Recap — Malcolm In The Middle

October 03, 2012 06:34 PM by Ryan Haidet

I didn’t know Survivor: Philippines had Frankie Muniz on the cast.  Did you?  Because tonight’s episode definitely had Malcolm in the middle of the Matsing tribe.  But unlike the Fox smash, this was no comedic situation featuring Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek pulling out laughs.  This moment of Malcolm in the middle was filled with heartbreak and a big decision.

A Splintered Bond

The episode kicked off with yet another strange encounter between RC and Abi-Maria.  RC, clearly a strategist and thinker motivated to play the game, messed up when she chose Abi-Maria as somebody she could trust.  As Abi lazily wanted to spend her time relaxing on the beach, RC repeatedly suggested they get up and find the hidden Immunity Idol since they had the first clue.  Strangely, Abi continued expressing her distrust for RC and ignited a fight about there being a level of distrust.  “Her paranoia, I think, is getting the best of her right now,” RC said in confessional.  I think Abi’s idiocy is getting in the way.  She has somebody who has offered complete trust and she’s turning it away because she feels there’s actually a lack of trust.  Stupid.  Oh, RC.  Move on without Abi.  She’s a moron and you’re way too smart to keep fighting to have her on your side.

While the rest of the Tandang tribe was working at getting clams, Abi and Peter went off and started searching for the hidden Immunity Idol without RC.  She dug around camp for a while before pulling the tile off the rice container and shrieking, “I found it!  I found it!”  She rushed to Peter and said, “I knew it!”  Oh, blech.  Peter felt this would be a great way to ensure they get Mike out of the game and then RC.

Penner’s Problem

At Kalabaw’s camp, Dana noticed the top of the rice container was missing and asked the entire tribe if they knew where it was.  Uh oh.  Despite denying knowing anything about its whereabouts, Jonathan Penner knew his hidden Idol wouldn’t be kept a secret for long.  In fact, Jeff caught on right away, which he proved in a discussion with Dawson and Carter (who kept rubbing his chest and tugging on his left nipple) about how he thought Penner had found the Idol.

Without trying to keep lying about it and hoping to build up some trust, Jonathan pulled Jeff aside and told him privately that he did in fact find the Idol.  The two then shook hands on a deal — but Jeff only used four fingers, which he said doesn’t make it a legit handshake.

Losing Streak

The combined Reward/Immunity challenge came quite early in the episode as the three teams faced off in a water challenge, something the show has been lacking in recent seasons.  Russell, who has done nothing but suck this season, really struggled in the challenge.  He put his tribe in dead last after failing to return with a puzzle piece from the ocean when he took his second turn.  Even worse?  He couldn’t climb a short ladder to pull himself to the floating platform so the next tribe member could dive in.  Ugh.  Mike, on the other hand, continued his tradition of getting hurt.  As the challenge progressed it looked like Mike was crying crimson as blood dripped down cheeks after his tribe’s diving mask shattered in his face.

In the end, Kalabaw finished in first place, which gave them Immunity and a massive fishing kit complete with a canoe.  Tandang came in second place, claiming a smaller fishing kit and Immunity.  That left Matsing in dead last once again, which meant they would be heading to their third straight Tribal Council in a row.  Matsing should just change their name to Ulong.  Seriously, this is just like watching Survivor: Palau all over again.

Malcolm’s Decision

Back at Matsing, Malcolm was blown away by his tribe of “goons” and their constant losing.  Malcolm found himself in the middle having to choose between voting off Russell or Angie, his cuddle buddy.  Denise was also wondering what to do because keeping Angie was a tough sell when somebody like Russell does provide more muscle.  Hell, even Russell knew his head was possibly on the chopping block.  “If they want to make a bold move and get rid of me because this is the time to get rid of a strong player, I could be gone,” Russell said in confessional.  Then he spent some time praying on the beach speaking directly to God, which we saw was an effective way to stay alive in the game last week with Roxy, right?  Oh…  wait…

At Tribal Council, Angie, fighting for her last breath of life in the game, said she gave the challenge her best before saying Russell gave up and quit.  Refusing to back down, Russell spoke up and said that Angie isn’t ready to continue for the remainder of the game because she doesn’t have the intellect and life experience that he claims to possess.  “I was willing to die for this game the last time I played,” Russell fired off.  “You willing to put your life on the line little girl?  Come on.”  Oh, Russell.  You are such a terrible player that it hurts my eyes to watch you play.  I wish they would have given your spot to Bruce Kanegai from Survivor: Panama — Exile Island instead.  His evacuation was just as heartbreaking and he was actually tolerable to watch on television.  Anyway, as Russell continued his brilliant strategy of beating Angie down, she started crying and said he was making her feel really small.

In the end, his praying paid off because Angie and her boobs were voted off 3-1.  Now she can go and gobble down all the cookies she wants with her biggest fan, Roxy.  Her sleeping pal, Malcolm, can now cuddle in the middle of Denise and Russell.  Pleasant sight, right?

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Angie was voted off or do you think Matsing should have sent Russell packing?  Do you think Matsing will continue to fall apart?  Who is your favorite player at this point in the game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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  1. Mary Says:
    October 3rd, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    GET rid of Russell, he is a volatile person and a lying, weakling fraud…..


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