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The X Factor Recap: Dueling Duets

October 04, 2012 09:59 PM by Melissa Stavarski

Boot camp continues on The X Factor. Sixty acts remain but only twenty-four can move on to the next round. Simon Cowell explains the rules of the “nightmare” that is Duets Day. First, the judges will pair off the singers/groups, creating as much drama with their choices as they can. Naturally. Then, it’s up to the contestants to choose, agree on, and divide their songs. Finally, don’t choke. It’s so intense, Demi Lovato wears spikes for protection. 

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

When it comes to song choice, Tara takes charge. She chooses “Landslide”. Like a little mouse, Jennel squeaks, “It would have been nice to have a song that was actually in my style.” Tara pretty much says too bad.

Jennel crumbles under the pressure and mumbles through her parts. Tara’s last note makes my ears bleed. Simon questions their song choice. Simon says, “Jennel was a washed-up, afraid little person.”

Carly Rose Sonenclar vs. Beatrice Miller

Carly and Beatrice sing “Pumped Up Kicks.”

Beatrice is really cute and sings well, but Hurricane Carly squashes her like a bug on the sidewalk. Nevertheless, I’m rooting for both of them. Demi shares her concerns about their young age.

David Correy vs. Vino Alan 

David feels the need to ramble on about the judges being the only four roadblocks keeping him from his dreams. Simon is like, great… what are you singing? “What’s Going On?” is their song of choice.

David is good. Vino is really good. For reasons unknown, Vino thinks he screwed up. He throws down his cap as he’s walking off stage and leaves the building. Simon says to the other judges, “I love Vino’s voice.” Britney Spears agrees, commenting on the rawness of it.

Meanwhile, Vino is outside, pacing and berating himself.

Diamond White vs. Dinah Jane Hansen

Taking on “Stronger,” Dinah and Diamond are both extremely nervous. Dinah forgets some words. Diamond handles the higher notes like nobody’s business and ends the performance with a dramatic “sit down” on the stage. L.A. Reid calls the move genius.

Back stage, Dinah freaks out about missing the words. Diamond kindly tries to make her feel better. She says, “You fixed it. It wasn’t a train wreck.”

Willie Jones vs. Tate Stevens

Willie and Tate sing “Nobody Knows.” Well, Tate sings the song, and I melt. Poor Willie forgets all of his words. Simon asks Willie who chose the song. Willie says they chose the song together. Tate, of course, remembered the song from the 90s, and Willie “went along with it.”

Demi defends Willie, suggesting Tate has an agenda. L.A. says something like, sure, Willie got hustled, but at the end of the day, he should have learned the song.

Normani Hamilton vs. Arin Ray

How cute are Arin and Normani? They do this little “I’ve got you!” pointy thing at each right before they go on stage. They sing “What Makes You Beautiful.”

They have great chemistry and stage presence. Demi says, “My heart just melted.” Deep in thought, Simon says he likes Arin.. but does he see him as a solo act or part of a band?

Jillian Jensen vs. Latasha Robinson

Latasha announces she doesn’t “do” groups. Being paired with Latasha intimidates Jillian. Not because of Latasha’s standoffish attitude, mind you, but because Jillian thinks she is so amazing.

Latasha and Jillian sing “Stay.” Latasha chokes. Despite Jillian’s generous help with the lyrics, Latasha declares she cannot finish. Jillian takes it from there and nails it. I didn’t care for Jillian’s original audition, but I like this.

Paige Thomas vs. CeCe Frey

Paige whines to the vocal coach because she doesn’t want to sing “Secrets.” Still, it’s the song they “chose” and that’s that. Paige says she got played. While Paige complains, CeCe paints cheetah prints down her leg.

The X Factor is intent on pitting these two against each other, aren’t they? Simon asks each of them why they should win.

Paige says, “I don’t fit anywhere else except for in the spotlight. I’ve tried so many different things … I’m tired of seeing all these artists do what I know I can do. I was born to do this.”

CeCe says, “I want to succeed as bad as I want to breathe … I don’t know if you believe in me yet, but I will make a believer out of you. I will not leave this competition until each and every one of you believes I am your winner.”

I thought CeCe sang “I Will Always Love You” better; however, Paige is my choice tonight. Britney likes Paige. Simon like them both.

Who do you prefer - CeCe or Paige?

That’s a wrap! Tune in next Wednesday to find out who makes the cut. Then, the thirty-seventh next round of auditions begin at the judges’ houses. The celebrity mentors join the party next week, also.  Marc Anthony works with Simon Cowell, Justin Bieber works with L.A. Reid, Nick Jonas works with Demi Lovato, and Will. i. am works with Britney Spears.

Oh! Did I spy with my little eye CeCe’s cheetah spots during the previews? I think so!

Tell us – Are Britney and Demi good judges? Who is your favorite contestant so far?  Does anyone know what happened to Panda Ross? Sound off in the comments below!

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