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America’s Next Top Model Recap: Random Acts Of Modeling

October 05, 2012 08:00 PM by Megan Wilson

Well here we are in our 4th episode of America’s Next Top Model.  We open to a review of the reactions to last week, mainly focusing on Victoria’s dramatics.  Kiara decides to take on the mom role in the house, and makes chili for all the ladies, saying that even though she may be a model, but she’s got 7 mouths to feed at home, so everybody needs to eat her cooking!  This girl isn’t starving herself!  Victoria is so upset over last week’s results, and misses her mom so much, that she refuses most of the food offered to her, which doesn’t sit well with anyone.

Bryanboy prances in with Marissa Montgomery from Nylon TV, announcing that they’re going on a road trip from Los Angeles to Palm Springs!  The girls are all overjoyed until they announce the REAL challenge:  The girls were not allowed to take a bath this week.  Um, barf!  The winner of the challenge gets $10,000 for their scholarship and their own segment on Nylon TV.  The challenge turns out to be”Random Acts of Modeling”.  The girls are split into two teams: Team One: Allyssa, Brittany, Kristen, Laura; and team two: Kiara, Nastasia, and Victoria.  Each team makes three pit stops along the way to Palm Beach, each model taking pictures of each other doing “Random Acts of Modeling”, along with small promotion videos for Nylon, where the girls show off their video skills.  The girls get to choose their pit stops, and the teams choose scenes like wind farms, gas station bathrooms, fairs, and old farm houses.

They’re really turning up the drama this episode, focusing on Victoria’s swinging moods and odd behavior.  Victoria doesn’t say “Nylon TV” in one of her segments and is visibly upset.  But the other girls say the show must go on, and load up for the remainder of the trip.

Along the way to their third pit stop, Victoria looses Kiara’s 2nd pit stop video!  Kiara makes them take another stop to re-shoot, which she repeatedly goofs up, and Victoria gets miffed because on her first shoot, they wouldn’t let her do a re-do.

Team one reaches Palm Springs first.  Brian comes out with Marvin Scott Jarett, the Editor in Chief of Nylon.  He critiques each girl’s photos, and found Laura’s as his favorites.  Laura’s just a winning kind of girl, isn’t she?  Team Two’s photos were also critiqued, and Marvin decides that Kiara’s shots were the best.

Brianboy chooses Team One as the overall winner, and the model that had the best shots was deemed to be Laura.  Are we tired of this girl winning or what?  So she scores the $10,000 and the segment on Nylon.

Victoria then slips to the hotel room to pout.  No surprise there!  Johnny Wujek comes into the room and announces it’s time for a photo shoot!  He’s delicious, ladies.  Douglas Friedman is the celebrity photographer, and he sets them up in areas like a grungy bathroom stall, trashed house, and a dirty kitchen, while the girls were all majorly glammed up.

Laura drapes herself over a toilet in a bathroom stall with a lopsided tiara in her shoot.  Brittany gets to lounge in a loveseat surrounded by garbage.  During the photo shoot, the girls are delivered food, which Victoria abstains from again, opting to go to her bathroom shoot, acting like a girl who just found out she’s pregnant in a grungy bathroom stall.  Kristen’s shot is awesome, dousing herself in five gallons of milk.  Kiara gets the dumpster, and admits that at one point she was homeless, and would go dumpster diving for clothes.  Nastasia gets into a very revealing dress and takes some cold shower photos.  Alyssa DEFINITELY drew the short stick.  Homegirl laid on the ground and licked soda off the floor, yo.  Tongue. On. Floor.  At the end of the shoot, a cockroach even scuttled on set.

Watch out!  It’s Skullmail!  Only 6 will remain after today!  Victoria again complains about missing her mom.  She’s standing in the phone booth screaming at her mom through tears that “Food has no taste without you!” As we all can tell by this point, Victoria has MAJOR mom problems/obsessions and is cray cray.  Nastasia calls her out on it, and Victoria says the girls are all ganging up on her.

It’s time for the judging!  Brittany gets awesome comments about her pictures, scoring a 27.  Kiara’s pics didn’t resonate well, scoring a 24.  Laura’s pictures are received with criticism again, getting 19.  Kristin’s pictures were AMAZING this week, and she walked away with a 24.  Anastasia’s shots earned her a 29.  Allyssa’s pics, poor girl, didn’t go over well.  She got 17.  FOR LICKING THE FLOOR?  Are you kidding me?  That’s awful. Victoria got great comments on her pictures and ended up getting a 25.

During the judging of Victoria’s shots Tyra spots some dissension and the girls dump their drama all over the stage.  Tyra reiterates that health is #1, inside and out, and tells Victoria that she will be watching what Victoria eats, and if she continues to restrict, Victoria will go back home to her mom.  Which is really what we all want anyway, right?

Tyra adds up the social media scores!  Highest Score goes to Nastasia, followed by Brittany, Kristen, Victoria, and Kiara.

Layra and Allyssa are in the bottom two.  Tyra says “Laura, what on earth are you doing down in the bottom two?  You’ve won so many challenges, not to mention that your mom is a professional model!”   Tyra also says that Allyssa is the fiercest girl there, and that she will be personally upset if she’s elminated tonight.  The social statistics are weighed in and Allyssa has the lowest score, and must go home.

Next week looks like another drama filled episode with a jail themed photoshoot!  What do you think will happen?  Will Victoria return to normal?  How did you feel about the elimination tonight?

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3 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model Recap: Random Acts Of Modeling”

  1. jb44 Says:
    October 6th, 2012 at 7:19 am

    I am on Victoria’s side. The other girls pretending to care about her eating habits is laughable. I feel for her. I think her mother made a big mistake by home schooling her. She had no siblings or father figure in her life. She needed to interact with other people. I believe she will eventually be able to interact, but it is going to be harder than it should have been. It is her mother that is to blame, not her.

  2. bizquiz2 Says:
    October 7th, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Mom has raised a dependent not an adult. She needs to be mom not her best friend.

  3. stewie Says:
    October 8th, 2012 at 10:31 am

    I think Brianboy’s attitude towards the girls is disgusting. He’s a gasbag who shows no respect for the girls and he acts all high and mighty just because he’s in a position of authority. As far as Victoria’s love for her mother, she needs to love her mother without going all over the top during her phone calls. She needs to channel her emotions and she needs to eat. How about sending her to a Chicago Pizzeria for some deep dish pizza?


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