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Survivor: Philippines — Angie Layton’s Cookies Crumbled

October 05, 2012 04:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

Angie Layton (and her boobs) became the third person voted off of Survivor: Philippines this week after the Matsing tribe lost its third Immunity challenge in a row. She didn’t go down without a fight, but definitely left behind one of the strangest Tribal Council legacies the game has ever seen for making her very honest answer about cookies.  In an exit interview with reporters, Angie talked about her infamous cookie comment, her relationship with Malcolm and the way Russell treated her at Tribal Council.

Question: Something you will be remembered for is the cookie comment at Tribal Council. What was going on there?

Angie Layton: OK. Going into Tribal (that night), I knew that I was 110 percent safe. I was not going home that night. I knew I wasn’t going home. There was so much tension at Tribal, like so much tension. I hate tension. If you know me, I don’t like controversy. I don’t like tension. I just wanted to vote and get her (Roxy) out. We all knew we were voting for her. Anyways, she started blowing up the Malcolm thing, putting me on the hot spot. Then he (host Jeff Probst) asked her, “What’s one thing you would change about the tribe?” and she says, “To do less work.” That’s not a better answer than what I said. Of course, to lighten the mood I said that we could have cookies. I mean, I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by pointing fingers at anybody. I knew I was safe, so I didn’t need to like prove anything. I was fine. It threw Jeff off and he kind of put me on the hot spot, clapping at me. But then he winked at me. Then I knew, like, OK. I was fine. I held my composure and I didn’t let anything get to me. That was it. It was just to lighten the mood. And, of course, who doesn’t want cookies? I mean, we probably, maybe, would have performed better at the challenges if we had them.

Question: Did you know you were going to be voted out or were you surprised?

Angie Layton: That one I’d have to say was 50-50. I wasn’t sure because I came out after the challenge and I told Malcolm and Denise my speech and I wanted them to know exactly why I did what I did. They were like, “Yeah, well, Russell was pathetic in the challenge. Couldn’t even get up the ladder.” Then I was kind of under the assumption it was gonna be Russ. Then, Malcolm came and he’s like, “I’m gonna talk to Denise and I’ll let you know what we decide.” He was gonna tell me if it was me or Russ. Then, we just went to Tribal Council, I didn’t talk to Malcolm and I just had this gut feeling I was going home. I was preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. I was trying to fight till the end and then it just didn’t work out for me in the end.

Question: Was it offensive to hear Russell refer to you as a little girl?

Angie Layton: Not really. I mean, I don’t get offended very easy and I tried to take my emotions out of this game. I have to keep in mind it is a game. Then when he kept badgering me and kept saying those things, it hurt my feelings and I kind of teared up a little bit. I never cried. I wanted to like suck it up and remember to take my emotions out of the game. It’s just a game, it’s OK.

Question: If you and Malcolm were really as close as Roxy worried about, you would probably still be there, right?

Angie Layton: She blew it up over the top. I felt like it was unnecessary. I mean, people cuddle in Survivor to stay warm. It just so happens that me and Malcolm were the only ones who were cuddling. I’m sure on the other tribes, everybody was cuddling. She just blew it up. I think that was her big bang. She wanted to leave with a big bang. Unfortunately, I just tried to stay composed during Tribal Council and unfortunately for her it just kind of made her look bad. I knew I was safe and she was going home.

Question: Did you have any kind of attraction to Malcolm?

Angie Layton: No. Nothing really. Everything was shown on TV was exactly how it was.

Question: Did you have any idea how close Malcolm was with Denise?

Angie Layton: Yeah, I knew the whole time. I knew they were very close. I was in the alliance with them and we would always talk about us three, but I always knew that they were a little bit closer. But I was OK with that as long as I was with them and I felt safe and comfortable. But yeah, I always knew.

Question: Do you feel like you would have preferred to be with a different returning player other than Russell?

Angie Layton: I didn’t really get the chance to get to know the other two players, but I would have loved to be on Mike Skupin’s tribe because, obviously, they were dominating. That would have been awesome. But, yeah.

Question: What did you bring to the Matsing tribe?

Angie Layton: I brought loyalty to the tribe. I’ll do 100 percent. I worked really hard around camp. I was mentally strong. I felt like I was a great asset to the team. I brought positivity. Sometimes you need that. I might not have been the strongest, but I sure did try my best.

What are your thoughts on Angie’s comments?  Are you surprised she was voted out of the game so early?  Do you think the Matsing tribe is toast or will they be able to pull themselves together?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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