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Linda Hogan Picked Up For DUI

October 07, 2012 02:00 PM by Gina Hall

Linda Hogan was picked up for a DUI on Thursday. Was she upset over The Hulk’s sex tape or is there something more serious going down with the ex-wife of the star of “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling?”

According to the “New York Daily News,” Linda Hogan was picked up in Malibu for speeding around 1:30 a.m. She then registered a blood alcohol of 0.084, just over the California limit.

Linda Hogan says she “regrets” the mishap and her lawyer spoke out on her behalf saying Linda had been “hospitalized two days prior for an e coli infection and was on antibiotics, which exacerbated the effects of the champagne she drank at a jewelry event hours earlier,” according to the “New York Daily News.”

The timing is unfortunate as he ex-husband, Hulk Hogan, has just been swept up in a sex tape scandal. Of course everyone’s wondering if her bender was regret that it wasn’t her staring in the tape that may help her recapture some fame, or a bit of a schadenfreude celebration that the ol’ ex-husband is having trouble.

“We intentionally want it known we have no comment on the sex tape,” her lawyer said to The News. “They have moved on to a nice, peaceful place in their relationship. They’re working hard to be peaceful co-parents. Even though their kids are adults, they still need their parents.”

“She regrets it. She’s a mom, so she’s embarrassed about it,” lawyer continued. “She’s just thankful it wasn’t worse and thankful nobody got hurt. The police were all very nice. It wasn’t a scene at all. It was anticlimactic.”

Gawker released the tape a short time before Linda’s arrest.

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