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The Amazing Race Recap: Who Likes To Party?

October 08, 2012 04:52 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

After a hilarious season premiereThe Amazing Race is back with a whole new set of challenges. There’s only ten teams left and quite a few of these groups will have to step up their game if they’re not feeling ready to go home. What challenges do the remaining teams have to face this time?

Shanghai’s been fun, what with froggie Fallopian tubes and ping pong prodigies and all, but it’s time to move on. Next up: Indonesia! Abbie and Ryan get to head out first since they were the first to end the Shanghai leg of the race.

As they complete their first challenge of the Indonesia race,  the teams get another clue. It reads: “who wants to party?” Natalie and Nadiya think they would be set if the next challenge involved downing 30 shots of tequila, but they recognize that, this being The Amazing Race, they won’t be so lucky. Instead, each team needs to successfully put together four balloon animals and four balloon hats before being able to move on. A few teams are actually pretty good at the whole balloon animal thing, but most are awful. The poor kids have to wait forever as their entertainers accidentally pop their balloons again and again.

Who knew that balloon animals could instigate a full-on meltdown? Well, anything is possible on The Amazing Race! Will starts to freak out when his efforts at balloon creation continue to fail. But with a little pep talk from fellow substitute teacher Gary, he’s able to get through it. Unfortunately, the time-consuming task leaves the two in last place. The good news is, a few teams are really struggling to find the next marker, so Gary and Will just might be able to catch up.

It’s always fun to have options in a reality challenge where options are few. But packing ice vs sorting through fish? That’s a tough one. The ice challenge is less disgusting, but it also calls for quite a bit of brute strength — something several teams simply do not possess.

Almost every Amazing Race episode has some sort of ick factor, and tonight, it’s sorting through raw fish…with bare hands. Sounds fun, right? Natalie and Nadiya are expert fish sorters, so they narrowly cute couple Trey and Lexi for 1st place. They may be stinky, but they get an express pass! They get to hang onto this pass, and any time they encounter a challenge they can’t complete, they’ll just have to hand over the pass.

Indonesian taxi drivers are apparently very incompetent, because it takes a few of the teams an incredibly long time to find their way to the market. Poor Amy and Daniel get completely lost and fall behind Gary and Will to take the honor of last place.  Amy’s really bummed — not just about the loss of millions, but because they’ve had such a good time taking part in the race. You really gotta feel for this team, because they didn’t really do anything wrong. They just had the misfortune to be stuck with a truly awful taxi driver.

Were you surprised that Amy and Daniel got the boot? Share your reaction in the comments section below!

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